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I am a music composer/producer, and I'm always looking to work on some new interesting films. If you're working on a project currently, or plan to be in the future and are going to need music, I ask that you please give my music a listen.

You can visit my website at to hear audio and video samples of my work, as well as CV, client reviews, and other information.

Three Video Tricks to Play on Your Viewers

Brick wall with painting of a zipper opening up to reveal a building
Video is such an illusion. We're a bunch of tricksters, just fooling audiences by the second. Yes, you may have heard us mention frames per second or even 24p and 30p. These terms in our vocabulary are so basic because we create the visual perception of motion with many images shown in a second. Rarely do we spend time thinking of the illusion itself. Let us begin with a quick video that tests your brain's visual perception. Go through the test and look into the findings to discover more of how your brain works.

5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video

The classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse that people joke about as a cop-out for carelessness is easy to poke fun at, but the underlying lesson from that line is that many excuses are just that: coverups for not being prepared, not being alert or not being savvy enough to know what you're getting into.

5 Ways to Enjoy Seasonal Movies

5 Ways to Enjoy Seasonal Movies
...instead of tuning out the movie that you've seen time and time again, try doing some light studying to better your video production skills.
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Hi everyone,

I am a musician and producer currently building a portfolio of work and I am offering my services of either composing, or mixing the audio tracks of your productions free of charge. This is a new direction for my business and I need to have a body of work available for submission to potential clients, hence I am willing to undertake a small number of projects free of charge in the interim. All I ask in return is permission to use the final video in promoting my business.

If anyone is interested please send me a PM with details of your project.

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Hey all! Just curious how many filmmakers here are composers as well. (And I don't mean people who put loops together in GarageBand!) I mean those who know music theory, and compose, write, and/or perform. I thoght a thread on this topic would be interesting as indie filmmakers are always seeking cheap royalty-free music. Here are a few samples of my most recent scores. Everyone feel free to post their work!

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Hey everybody, I use Production Premium CS4 and need help on the dynamic link between PP and AE. I right-click on a clip in PP, selecting 'Replace with After Effects Composition'. All works well and I make the changes required in AE. The changed footage is also displayed in PP.I save both AE and PP. As soon as I close AE, the footage in PP is replaced with a still image indicating that the link is broken. When I re-open AE, the clips' link is also broken. Why is the link broken as soon as I exit AE?

I'll appreciate it if someone couldplease help me.

Thanks a lot.

Tips for Composing, Lighting, and Shooting Corporate Videos

Tips for Composing, Lighting, and Shooting Corporate Videos
Recently, Videomaker completed its first-ever video production webinar and we couldn't be more pleased with the turn-out. There were so many good questions, but, unfortunately, not enough time to answer them all. Here, at Videomaker, we value every question presented and aim to answer each one of them. One question we were unable to answer within the allotted time was regarding basic tips for composing, lighting, and shooting a talking-head corporate video...


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