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Three Video Tricks to Play on Your Viewers

Brick wall with painting of a zipper opening up to reveal a building
Video is such an illusion. We're a bunch of tricksters, just fooling audiences by the second. Yes, you may have heard us mention frames per second or even 24p and 30p. These terms in our vocabulary are so basic because we create the visual perception of motion with many images shown in a second. Rarely do we spend time thinking of the illusion itself. Let us begin with a quick video that tests your brain's visual perception. Go through the test and look into the findings to discover more of how your brain works.

5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video

The classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse that people joke about as a cop-out for carelessness is easy to poke fun at, but the underlying lesson from that line is that many excuses are just that: coverups for not being prepared, not being alert or not being savvy enough to know what you're getting into.

New Videomaker Webinar: Basic Video Production

New Videomaker Webinar: Basic Video Production
Anyone can point a video camera at something at press record. However, creating quality videos requires an understanding of basic video production concepts. This week Videomaker takes video production back to the basics with the newest addition to our webinar training series: Basic Video Production.