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Hi colleagues!

I make a little demo of things I can do with raw video and wedding photo.
( link

And I want to know: can it be interesting for wedding videographers? I can do a lot of such work (+ normal video editing of course).

Also I want to say that we create an outsourcing post-production studio and soon we will be able to produce a lot of such works and edit a lot of your videos with hi-level quality and nice price. So, if have some works to do - please PM me.


Avid Announces the Release of Avid DS 11

Avid Announces the Release of Avid DS 11

It's easy to blame amateur equipment for the amateur look of a project when you're a beginner. Many of us play the hand we're dealt when it comes to producing video. We use the camera we can afford, and we make the best of the editing system we have. We're no strangers to using workarounds to perform even the most basic tasks. Some might say this builds character, and they're probably right.

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OK - my intention would seem very easy to achieve, but I have completely failed to manage it!

Basically, I have a rotated video placed in timeline, which I simply want to overlay like a sheet of acetate, on top of the rest of the video. You can see it dropped in timeline here, with pan/crop shown.


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