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OWC is searching for any and all video enthusiasts to create a video commercial. In 30 to 60 seconds, show the world why everything is possible with OWC and how OWC upgrades and solutions can transform a creative professional's approach to their craft. Submit your video for a chance to win a Grand Prize Package worth over $12,000!

The submission deadline is June 30. Please visit for more info!

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Hey everybody!
I haven't been on the forums in a while(I don't even live in Colorado anymore!), but it's good to be back!

When I originally got on this forum, I was starting out making home movies as a teenager, but later found my niche in corp. video and have now made thousands of dollars producing short (2-5 min) online advertising/demo videos for various local businesses.

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We offer high quality royalty free music for affordable prices suitable for image films, commercials, product promotion / corporate projects, animations and documentary films.

We also offer suspenseful and atmospherical soundtracks for Horror / Thriller genres.

Please check out our portfolios here:

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hello there! I am doing a shoot next month and the challenge is to have a good lighting set up inside a bathroom. The commercial is about a urinal and how gross it can be (maybe 1-2 guys peeing and exaggerate the splash on the urinal etc.). My question is how do you properly light up a scene/place? I only have tried the regular 3 point lighting set up (interviews) and I am not really sure how to do it yet. I've been watching a lot of lighting tutorials but I can't seem to find the right one for me. Can anybody help me with this or send me a good tutorial link so I can study it more?

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Hello, I'm a graphic designer but have done some small video projects in the past. I was approached by a potential client wanting 130 1 minute commercials for his custom pen website. I attached the following proposal, thinking my rates are fair and he's telling me to quote him lower (even though he won't get other quotes nor tell me a budget he has in mind!) Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!!


$225 per 1 minute commercial (10% discount based on 150+ commercials, anything under 150 is $250)


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