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Adobe Creative Cloud Color Takes Shape

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The Creative Cloud community is spreading its branches out by developing communication between mobile apps and their desktop applications. The update during this year’s NAB focuses on color, and how you’ll get to apply it to your videos.

Final Cut Pro X 10.2 Update Adds Masks and More

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Hard to believe that Apple’s Final Cut Pro is only now releasing the second major update for software that debuted about four years ago. Bringing things up to date means accounting for more robust files, thus, downloaders of Final Cut Pro X 10.2 will gain GPU acceleration for RED RAW workflows, as a well as native support for JVC H.264 Long GOP, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, Sony XAVC S
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Hello everybody,

I just wanted to get some recomendation for editing workflow if it is possible. I have Adobe CC, filmconvert,  and I shoot with 5d mark ii, and I will be shooting with GH4 when atamos shogan comes up. I like to do color grading with speedgrade and apply filmconvert. 

Some people say I should convert 5d footage to prores before editing as prores has more color space. I am not sure if I should do that. 

Filmconvert is really nice but I am not sure when exactly to apply it. if use it after doing correction then it will change the look again. 

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow
Prioritizing your edit workflow is extremely important to ensure that the project you submit is one you're proud of. The real trick, is learning the difference between the quick touches that make big differences, and the time-consuming touches that casual viewers aren't even likely to notice.
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Okay, for all you PC based editors who are lamenting that Apple's Pro Res doesn't come in 'PC' flavor, it's no big deal. Magic Giant's 'Magic Bullet Looks' Color Grading software has been around for a good while and though you may hear some pro's bellyache about 'how it all looks the same' are correct if you only use the preset looks provided.


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