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I tried to find answers by searching for existing topics of this subject but couldnt really get to any conclusion.. I'm currently using Canon XA10 camcorder and i have decided to purchase dslr camera for filming more "artistic" video material (Short films, concerts etc.)


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Hey everyone! 

Its been a while since I've posted here but I've been very busy which is never a bad thing!

I recently organized a 48 hour film race for "Culture Days" an event in Canada which celebrates the arts and culture by organizing different events to encourage people to join in.

Unfortunately even though 15 people signed up for the event I only had 1 person show up for the actual kickoff and we ended up having to write the film as a two man team and recruit talent the next day.

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground
Or on the ground in this case. Paul Jackson is has introduced a new product on Kickstarter he's calling the ZipShooter. It's looks kind of like a mini-tripod with wheels, but in this case, the legs are jointed, and the ball -head is reversible, and able to hang from underneath the dolly (or maybe it's the legs that bend backwards. These types of surface dollies are nothing terribly new, but the versatility of this device looks extremely useful.
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I've had "Motion Picture and Video Lighting" by Blain Brown awhile now, but I just recently re-discovered how much useful info there is in this book/dvd combo. If you're wanting to learn about lighting a scene then this is the go to book on the subject. Here's a sample of the dvd where they light the same scene 7 different ways.


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