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"Virtual Studios" and "Bix's Photo Book" have been successfully used in a video about some sporty teenagers from Saint-Petersburg.

I'd like to share the material as an example of using the products by Outerspace Software.

A link to the official web site with the material and comments:

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Hey all, 


Anyone have suggestions on gear for  live, on set chromakey?


I've been looking around for one that can accept a wide range of video and computer equipment and do fast,live chromakeying - mainly speaking for on set television broadcasting.


Suggestions and links are more than appreciated!



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I am currently putting together a video segment of an afternoon's walk of several kilometres (or 'miles', if that's what you 'do' in your neck-of-the-woods). Each portion of the overall sequence of about twelve minutes duration, is introduced by a widish-angle 'panoramic' shot taken from a tripod, which shows the track to be traversed, clearly.

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Hey Guys,

Not enough room in herre but we have a video and some key tips for your gys on how to set up a green screen studio along with editing tips,

Some of you will be aware of Squidoo? Others not, Basically its a blogging tool, Take a look at our post, Its free, friendly advice from The Web Video Co.

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i recently posted a video and got some great suggestions on how to improve, one was to shoot in front of a green screen so that the background would be more professional/interesting. i have a small budget....I would only feel comfortable spending $150 at the max - and would prefer to stay within the $50 - $100 range. But I've learned quickly what the regulars on here have repeatedly get what you pay for. I am looking for an adequate green screen that I would be able to work with - i've looked at the foam backed from and saw they have an 8x10 for about $110.

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New at some of this so please bear with me.

I have a potential client that wants to produce a video seminar in which he is standing in front of a large map. The idea is to use a chroma key background, a video mixer and a monitor so he can see the map in relation to his position similar to a wetherman. The problem I need to solve is this: he writes on the map in his actual presentation and wants to be able to do something similar in the video.


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