CES 2014

CES 2014 Best Workstation: HP Z1 G2

large monitor and computer with wireless keyboard and mouse

The HP Z1 G2 is an all in one workstation capable of having a touch screen and Thunderbolt 2. The entire front of the Z1 G2 can be lifted up like a car hood and the components may be upgraded or switched, all with your hands. This makes it very user friendly, yet powerful.

CES 2014 Spotlight Award: Dell 28 Ultra HD (4K) Monitor

large colorful display with a Toucan

The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor is a 4k monitor for $700. This is what many videographers and video editors have been waiting for, 3840x2160 resolution for the early adopters of 4k cameras. Features on the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor will help many users, including the ability to pivot to portrait mode and connect mobile devices.

CES 2014 Most Innovative Award: Jigabot AIMe

robotic module on a tripod and an award

The Jigabot AIMe is an automated camera controller that can compose a shot to keep you in frame. AIMe uses a beacon called EmIT which can be tracked by multiple AIMes, despite being a small 2-inch square.

CES 2014 Spotlight Award: JVC Everio GZ-R70

JVC GZ-R70 and a Videomaker Spotlight Award

The JVC Everio GZ-R70 is a durable camcorder that maintains some of the favorite features in JVCs long-running line of Everio camcorders. With most things the same, the difference is in how you'll treat the GZ-R70 ...

CES 2014: Panasonic 4k News, Toughpad 4k Tablet and LUMIX Cameras

image of dinosaur on tablet

We've been watching and reading for as much Panasonic news as possible and looks like we'll really need to stay tuned (especially if Devin Graham gets a hold of Panasonic gear). We love that they've announced an action camera that shoots 4k, and are excited to see the mounting options since their cameras are unlike many designs.

Wowing audiences is no problem with a Toughpad 4k 20-inch tablet.

The LUMIX line gets bolstered with four cameras, the TS5, TS25, ZS40 and ZS35.


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