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CES 2013

Catch the GC-PX100 in Videomaker's Spotlight

Camera profile with large lens hood and external buttons and panels

Read about the JVC GC-PX100 and you should get excited about the speeding recording capability of this camera. Videomaker was pleased to see an update to the 2011 Best Hybrid Camera/Camcorder, and from our hands-on look, the GC-PX100 should be an appropriate and excellent step forward.

Sony HDR-PJ790 Wins Best Camera of CES 2013

Videomaker's Matt York awards Sony with a plaque for best camcorder of CES 2013

Videomaker finally came to the conclusion that the Sony HDR-PJ790 has earned Best Camera of CES 2013. In case you missed this camera, it may be more costly than some of its counterparts at CES 2013, but the group of features is unequaled.

Nessie Shows Up on Radar at CES 2013

Nessie microphone on a circular base next to a laptop and Videomaker Best of CES 2013 Spotlight award

A Videomaker Spotlight Award goes to Nessie from Blue Microphones!

Blue Microphones Nessie is at CES 2013, but this one shouldn't be found in the water. Nessie can adapt according to who or what is projecting sound, as any elusive beast knows. In all seriousness, it's a microphone that has a built-in pop filter, built-in shockmount, adjusts EQ, applies dessers and can adjust levels in real-time. You get to direct Nessie into the nets of vocals, instruments or raw audio.

The JVC Everio Camera Lineup at CES 2013

burgundy camera with lens exposed and LCD panel closed

There are eight cameras that JVC is making available to handle at CES 2013, to own them will cost between $230 and $500. JVC started with what many videographers care about the most, video quality, in the GZ-E100, GZ-E300, GZ-EX310, GZ-EX355, GZ-EX310, GZ-E505, GZ-EX515, and GZ-EX555 there's a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which is good for low light video capture.