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Hi there,

Sorry to bother you all but I was wondering if anybody could help me with a couple of queries!

I have a Canon HG10 which is wonderful little camcorder which I'm told shoots in AVCHD. Now, I always thought it filmed .mov because that's what it comes up as when I upload the footage on to imovie.

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Hey guys!! Brand new to this forum!! I started posting "viral" videos a couple of years ago and now want to really step up my game. I have a music resource site,, that caters to bassists. I started with a cheap Nikon point and shoot camera with no editing software and now use a Canon HF S20 camcorder, Final Cut Pro, and just really love the evolution of making better videos. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the great resource!!! My next obstacle...COLOR CORRECTION and LIGHTING!!!

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I'm selling my very lightly used XHA1. I used the camera to shoot
church events so the camera didn't get a whole lot of use. I have always
used Sony's tapes camera was always stored in its case have never had a
single issue with it. I'm selling my XHA1 because i purchased a new
camera. If i could I would keep it as a second camera but my bank
account says no...

as you know the XHA1 doesn't have an hour meter. After counting my tapes
i have come to the conclusion the camera has about 15hours VERY low

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I'm trying to decide on what type of professional camcorder to buy to expand my home based video editing business. Having used low end Canon's in the past, i'm partial to them. The new Canon XA 10 looks enticing but as I work with Final Cut Pro, which does not support the XA 10's AVCHD format, I have reservations. I may go with the XF 100 instead. Has anybody heard if the new redesigned Final Cut Pro X supposedly coming out this summer will support AVCHD files?

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I have a Canon XHA1, i shoot in HDV 30p. when I capture the video back to my computer which is a Macbook Pro, i used firewire, my settings in FCP is to capture in HDV 30p 1440x1080, would it be better in the end to capture it as HDV Apple ProRes 422?


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