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Hello all, I am Tim Hughes, this is my first post and I am excited to be entering the videography profession. Now let's get to business.

I just purchased a Canon VIXIA HF M41, an LED light that mounts to it, a shotgun mic that also mounts to the camera, professional tripod, and a tripod dolly.

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Hi. I am having a hard time deciding!

I do live event recording and industrial video, and I am on a limited budget (max $2,000). Now I have a Sony HVR-A1 (the little "pro" HDV camera from SONY) which does a nice job for my purposes.

I want to upgrade and don't know if better to buy a used XH-A1 (HDV, of course) or a new XA-10/Vixia HF-G10.

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Here's a first look at the Canon C300 Cine Style CMOS Sensor Video Camera. Built upon all the best bits and more from their HDSLR line of cameras, the C300 looks to be an awesome rig for those interested in serious filmmaking. However, the price of the camera body and lenses put it right into the range of the RED ONE without the same powerful image resolution.

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Greetings, everyone! I have a question regarding my Canon VIXIA HG20 camera and a buffer overflow error that has been causing problems for me.

Here's the situation I was doing a photo shoot of an F8F Bearcat from a B-25 Mitchell with all its windows removed in the back, creating a pretty bumpy environment. I wanted to supplement my pictures with video, but the HG20 would only record about 10 seconds of video at a time, before stopping due to a buffer overflow error. I've read a bit about it and found this may be due to the (Buffer Overflow error) vibrations in this environment.

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I am a student filmmaker and I am about to purchase a new camera. I am debating between a DLSR (something like the Canon 7d) or a prosumer camcorder (like the Canon XA10.) My budget is around $2,000 or so.

I already have a digital camera (the Nikon d80, which is decent) so I am leaning towards a camcorder. I feel that since if I am trying to be a filmmaker and not a photographer a DSLR is not the right direction to go. However, a lot of my friends have and recommend them because they are versatile (in terms of lenses and whatnot.)

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I am directing a music video that involves a band playing underneath a
large oak tree that's wrapped very sporadically and randomly/hectically with multi-colored yarn. Is there a way to make the colors of the yarn
surrounding the band to change like a visualized without having to stop
the band and move the yarn constantly?


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