Fighting the Summer Doldrums with Imagin8ion

Fighting the Summer Doldrums with Imagin8ion

How do you challenge yourself to keep your video producing skills fresh when you have no current project to work on? Whether you make video for a hobby or for a paycheck, you need to keep at it to stay abreast of the trends and technology and to keep your skills honed and fresh.

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Hi everyone! I have a question, whenever I plug an xlr mic into my Canon MA-300, which is attached to my Canon GL-2. I get only one channel of audio. The same thing happens when I plug my Zoom H2 (via line out) to my GL-2. Is this the norm or am I doing something wrong. I have scoured the GL-2 Manual and cant seem to get a good answer.

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I am selling my Canon Vixia HF M41 Camcorder along with bag and accessories. The camera is barely used, almost untouched. I still have the original packaging of the camera.

For a product description, please see here:

It comes with an AC adapter for charging, a battery, 32GB internal flash memory, an HDMI adapter cable, and a USB mini cable.

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Hello guys ! I really need some help in picking a camera to start shooting videos. I want to do a combination of sketches + a bit of vlogging , that will be the format of the "show". I was thinking of buying a JVC HM30/Samsung Q10/Canon HFR205 or even a SonySX45E , but when i went to the shop the salesman told me that camcorders are crap and i should try a cheaper alternative, a Canon PowerShot A3300 to shoot videos. I have about 230$ budget to buy a camera. Can anyone give me some info, which is better for shooting videos ?

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I posted this over at but was told I might want to check here, so here goes.

I've been into amateur movie production toward the end of high school and through college with a buddy of mine. He had a GL2 for a while, then upgraded to HD with a smaller Canon Vixia HV40 and a JAG35 adapter and simple shotgun mic mount. Those were the cameras we both worked with to make some movies for fun and shoot snowboarding a little. Having worked with that camera for a couple of years now, I've noticed some downsides to the lack of manual control.

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Hi there,

I'm interested in getting serious with filmmaking and I'm planning on purchasing a DSLR to upgrade from an HD Camcorder. For the past month or so, I've been looking at the Canon T3i. It's not overly expensive and the tilting LCD is a big plus (coming from a camcorder user). The only thing that's making me hesitate is the new T4i which features autofocus. I've been using a camcorder for three years and it's all autofocus, so I've never had to use manual during filming.


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