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Canon Debuts the EOS 6D Full Frame DSLR

'Tis the season for camera announcements! Follow along if you can. Canon debuted the EOS 6D at Photokina today, and for video shooters, this may or may not be terribly exciting news. The good news is the EOS 6D is Canon's smallest, and most affordable full frame camera yet. It appears to have most of the video features found in the 5D Mark III, including 1080p at 30fps h.264 footage, all for $1,400 less money. While you can attach an external microphone, it appears to be lacking the option to connect headphones for live audio monitoring.

Canon EOS C100 Announced at $8,000

Canon EOS C100 Announced at $8,000

Canon announced the EOS C100 digital video camera this morning, and those resistant to DSLR video are surely rejoicing. This camera takes the large sensor andinterchangeablelens features from DSLRs and puts them in to a package clearly designed for the video professional. In order to save you time, I've put together a list of all the features you care about in the C100 and bolded those not found in traditional DSLRs. Unfortunately, Canon didn't include every frame rates available.

Key Features