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Hi all...

My brother got engaged, finnnnally, as in, finally met a girl he wanted to marry, and proposed in 5 months!.....though my family's looking in my direction next (eek!) I put together this little quickie video from that night, and I'd love to hear what you think.

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I'm going to be doing more short films and Web Tv type things in 2008 and the Sony TRV 900 and Canon HV20 or both around the same prive -Which camera is best for this type of work? Thanks you!

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This was a 10 minute short film we shot on my Canon GL2, then edited in Sony Vegas. Any criticism is very much welcomed.

We wanted a hazy, dreamy look, so we used a soft contrast filter in post. Any suggestions to better our skills would be appreciated.

Steve Maisch

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Hey all-

I just purchased a used GL2, set upa separatevideo editing computer, bought a basic video editing program (Pinnacle Studio 11), and now I need to buy a wireless mic, which is surprisingly confusing.

I will be shooting mostly oputdoors, and if possible I'd like to have two mics, one for me and one for the person I'm interviewing. I don't have a cameraperson yet as this is a public service project and they'd have to be willing to work for free so the camcorder will be on a tripod.


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