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Hi all,

Here's a short piece I did when it snowed recently in my area. Shot on a Canon XHA1 using the Letus Extreme 35mm adapter and, for the movement, I used an IndiSlider (available from

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Im looking into buying, possibly 3 HDV Camcorder in use at my church. I have been looking at Canon's XH-A1 and Sony's HVR V1U. I've been struggling over this issue. The camcorder that we use has to have at least a 20x zoom because of the size of the room. My main concern is how the cameras will handle low light because there will be neededunder theatrical lighting. We will probably use the camera in 60i mode so the whole p vs. f means vary little to me. I have also read that the Sonys color sampling out of the component out is 4:2:2 and the Canon's is 4:2:0 is this true?

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I'm in the market for a new camcorder after my tax return comes in.

I'd like to get a good quality camcorder (subjective, I know) and have aspirations for making some movies with my family/friends. I currently have an old Sony Hi-8 camera that does not do well with green-screen effects and video looks just plain bad.

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Today Canon announced that they will be releasing the new HV30 HDV camcorder to replace the very popular HV20. The chief upgrade with the new camera looks like it will be the addition of a 30P progressive scan feature.

Dave Arthur

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Hi all...

My brother got engaged, finnnnally, as in, finally met a girl he wanted to marry, and proposed in 5 months!.....though my family's looking in my direction next (eek!) I put together this little quickie video from that night, and I'd love to hear what you think.

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I'm going to be doing more short films and Web Tv type things in 2008 and the Sony TRV 900 and Canon HV20 or both around the same prive -Which camera is best for this type of work? Thanks you!

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This was a 10 minute short film we shot on my Canon GL2, then edited in Sony Vegas. Any criticism is very much welcomed.

We wanted a hazy, dreamy look, so we used a soft contrast filter in post. Any suggestions to better our skills would be appreciated.

Steve Maisch

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Hey all-

I just purchased a used GL2, set upa separatevideo editing computer, bought a basic video editing program (Pinnacle Studio 11), and now I need to buy a wireless mic, which is surprisingly confusing.

I will be shooting mostly oputdoors, and if possible I'd like to have two mics, one for me and one for the person I'm interviewing. I don't have a cameraperson yet as this is a public service project and they'd have to be willing to work for free so the camcorder will be on a tripod.


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