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I've been shooting web videos for a couple of years with a Canon Vixia G10 camcorder.

I have a possible project lined up, but they client wants to know if they can use the b-roll for other purposes, including 'television'. (I'm not certain what they plan on; I'm guessing neither do they... but possibly commercial spots, which would likely be national, as they're a major company.)

The G10 has onboard scopes so I can keep peaks, etc. in line to be FCC legal... but is that really 'broadcast quality'? It's only 28mbps.  


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I just shot some video for my daughter's wedding.  All the "short" footage turned out just fine . .. the short clips that were about a minute or so each.  But the footage from when I placed it on a tripod and left it to run for about 1.4 hours, is blurry.  The camera split the footage into about 6 different files, and they are all out-of-focus/blurry.


Any ideas about what went wrong, or if this is recoverable?  Many thanks!

Canon Cameras Come to CES 2014

Compact camera with flip up screen and stand

Small cameras don't always consider themselves personal, well, the VIXIA mini X compact personal camcorder does.

Three Canon HF cameras come to CES 2014, and goes without mentioning the hundreds of Canons that press and other attendees will bring. The VIXIA HF R52, VIXIA HF R50, and VIXIA HF R500 are the updated camcorders from Canon this year.

Canon VIXIA Mini Compact Personal Camcorder

Canon VIXIA Mini Compact Personal Camcorder

The new VIXIA mini compact personal camcorder features an ultra wide-angle lens, full HD video, vari-angle LCD monitor and slim ultra-compact body with built-in stand, and allows for convenient hands-free shooting with built-in Wi-Fi.

Canon VIXIA Cameras at CES 2013

HF G20, a smooth camera with a large lens and hood

Canon showcases four VIXIA cameras including the HF G20 with exceptional video capability. Many features could be repeated with Canon's R42, one notable one is simultaneous record in MP4 and AVCHD. Canon has sub-$500 camcorders in the HF R40 ($400) and HF R400 ($300) and both do feature WiFi connectivity to both share video and stream it live.

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Hi guys, I'm new here and to Canon Camcorders in general. I've been using the Canon Vixia HF200 for a short documentary and have been very happy overall. Now that I'm in the editing stage I'm starting to freak out as it seems as though my MTS files are cut off. i realize that the camera breaks the video files down to manageable 2mb chunks but my issue is when I try to splice these together in Final Cut(after converting them), there seems to be a tiny gap.

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Is there a way to upload (via USB or SD HC) Canon Vixia HF M [Series] HD files directly into Adobe Premiere Elements 8 without having to bother with the Pixela application?

(Why do great camera vendors provide terrible editing software in a manner which interfers with good video? Canon, Panasonic--the whole lot--would be much better off investing the money they waste on bad software--which cannot compete with Premiere--into what they do best: great camcorders.)

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This might sound like a crazy idea, but I recently bought a Canon Vixia HF 20 and it has all the bells and whistles for changing the frame rate and is great in low light visability. My question is it possible to use this camera to film my project to use at a festival? I don't know what their strict guidelines may be or if they frown upon hand helds.

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