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I constantly get questions about 'what resolution did I shoot at' or 'what camera did I use to make my films?' When I tell people I use a combo of a 720p Broadcast Quality camera, point-n-shoot digital cameras and sports cameras I get the 'you didn't use a high-end camera?' look.

Cloud Storage - Are You Waiting for a Rainy Day?

Photo of the Earth with cloud spiral

Are you relying only on the Cloud to save your precious memories? Cloud storage is wonderful; you don't mess with cables, computers, tapes or optical discs that could fail without warning - but where IS the Cloud? It's not really "up there", it's stored in thousands of servers around the world, and at any moment, any one of them could fail.

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Just wanted to get the word out there that, in addition to places like the Videomaker forums, I started a Facebook page called A/V Sales, with the purpose of buying, selling, and trading audiovisual equipment.

As we all know, it is hard to find good used equipment online, and even harder to sell it without getting ripped off. I was hoping maybe we could change that with something like this.

Go join the page. The more people the better. Right now there are only a few dozen on there and not much trading, but the more people who join, the more that will change.


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