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I"ve recently graduated with a film degree from the University of North Texas. Unlike many of my fellow students, I wasn't blessed with the financial ability to buy a camera (or have one purchased for me) upon graduation. SO, I find myself as a director without anything to direct with! I'm looking for a camera (DSLR or otherwise) that would be affordable on a shoestring budget like mine. I can swing from $1000.00 to $1500.00, approximately. A starting kit (body, zoom lens, etc) is all I really need for now. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I use a Canon XH-A1 to videotape barrel races and need to make it where contestants can view their race from earlier in the day. My problem is that I only have one camera and I'm still using it to film other races that continue throughout the day. I typically have my laptop so I can hook up a different camera to it that uses mini DV tapes but don't want to spend much money. Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent camcorder that uses mini DV tapes I can purchase for this purpose? I saw some tape decks but they were out of my market.

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Hi Guys,

I have a camera package for sale. Local pickup in Toronto and cash only. You can test the gear at my place if you want. The craigslist posting is here with a photo (contact me through there please): . Here is the info:


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I'm the owner of Gamefilm360 and we are a storage/organizer for coach's game films. We are in need of someone who could help the technically-challenged coach's get the video from camera to site. Normally very easy questions, yet I'm not the technical guy either. Most of the work could be done via email, some via phone call...the business is taking off in a big way - could lead to supervisor-type position.

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Whether working in film, video or digital media you must have a process for preparation, acquisition and processing of your imagery. Having 'workflow protocols' are the steps you take to make sure you're using the right camera for the job, have all the proper settings selected on your camera prior to shooting and that there's a clear record of what images, video or digital files came from where prior to getting them into an editing bay.

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Hi, I've been asked to shoot a sport I've never filmed before - volleyball. I'm an experienced sports videographer/journalist and I've covered a lot of sport, football (UK version), rugby, cricket, athletics (T&F), boxing, tennis etc etc but never volleyball. I've got some ideas of camera positions, low to accentuate the height of the guys playing the sport, high (around the height of the net for some dynamic "spike" footage) but I wondered if anyone here might have experience of shooting the sport they might be prepared to share.

Best regards


Fujifilm Releases 3D HD Camera That Doesn't Require Glasses

Fujifilm Releases 3D HD Camera That Doesn't Require Glasses
When camera technology is still relatively fresh, nobody really expects manufacturers to put out a solid product in one of their first releases. That's why Fujifilm's newly announced W3 3D HD camera is a particularly pleasant surprise. With its 10 megapixel and 1/2.3 inch sensor, its 720p 3D video capabilities, and glasses-free LCD screen, Fujifilm has managed to set the bar higher than anyone thought it would be this early in the 3D game.
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Hi all

I am looking to go on a kayaking trip for 3 months with no access to power. I am looking for a camera that will be capable of production quality audio and video. The necessities are:

Must be compact cause Id rather like to pack some food too

Must have alot of storage space with option of recording to sd card

Must have the option of purchasing larger batteries.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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