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Submit a photo of your antique camera or camcorder and be entered to win a Canon REBEL T3i camera. Winner will be chosen by professional appraiser and will be the unit with the highest appraisal value.

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just found this video from Ryan Walters. It's a great primer to getting to know your camera. It really gets deep into the difference between slr lens and cinema lenses and why you use a matte box. Check it out.

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Okay, this is going to sound like a commercial-- but it's not-- I just love this thing so much that I have to share it.

Okay, the Burton Snowboard company makes the most comfortable camera bag that I've ever owned. Period. And I use it for everyday shoots, not just for travel and sports projects.

It was designed for Burton's staff photographers in the early 2000's, and has been available for the general public to buy for only a few years now.

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots
When I'm on a shoot, I constantly think about what tool can take a camera shot from ordinary to extraordinary. There are some really great camera accessories out there that can help you achieve that exact goal. Who doesn't want to glide along the dolly track for that smooth shot, or throw on that stabilizer and get a great follow shot? Many times, just keeping your shot steady on a tripod can separate a beginner from a pro. However, relying too heavily on the tools in your arsenal can actually restrict your options.
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Greetings! My son is interest in creating videos, casting his friends. I use a Canon 7D, but sound and manual exposure and controls are way too complicated for him. Understandably, he wants to grab and go. Also, there's the "boys will be boys" aspect. So I'm looking for something not too complicated. This is his reward for getting straight-A's this year at school, but I am on a budget. I looking for something under $700. Thanks!

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I am trying to spec out a video studio set-up in a few different price ranges ($1,000, $2,000 and $3,000) for something that would be capable of filming 2 people interviewing. I will have a backdrop and have two people sitting at a table interacting. I would like to get a set-up (cameras, mics, software that would allow me to mix the audio post). I would like to have 2 clip-on mics and two cameras. But want to find a few different options when it comes to syncing all the audio and video together.

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Hi, I am looking to buy my first HD video camera and I wanted to know what is a good one to start with? I found the Sony HVR-A1U but I'm still not sure. I wwant to try and keep the price around 2,000 to 2,500. Any info would be great. Thanks.

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Thought that this forum seemed the place to ask my question,

I'm a trainee Sports Journalist at University at the moment and for part of my TV Production moduleI've been asked to make a Newsworthy TV Package,

I was hoping to be able to record my local team Harrogate Town FC during a game but Idon'thave a camera so was just wondering what the best camera would be for recording the match and able to catch the goals that are scored in good quality.

I am willing to pay upto around 150 but may go upto 350 if pushed to my limit,




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