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I need to devise a way to mount a small Canon Vixia camcorder directly above the subject, but not visible in the frame. What I'm seeing in my head is a hangman type setup like in the picture, except with a longer horizontal top bar. I have a tripod I can use as a base, but not sure exactly how to go about creating something to get the camera where I need it to be... suggestions?

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Hi guys- we just received our new Canon XF100 here at work, and I took it home last night to pour through the manual, study what everything does, and try and get the camera set up the way I <i>think</i> I want it... but of course none of this decision-making is based on experience! I'm planning on getting the camera out to our department picnic in a couple of weeks, so I can play with it and really learn to use it under no pressure in a practical environment with bright outdoor light, and lots of different shot types.

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I'm producing a film for a youth service and they own their own camera and I was just wondering was it any good. Basically I want to use a camera that's at a high standard, professional so I want to know is it usable.

Camera Details:

JVC GY-HM100 Solid State Video with Newly designed JVCs original Optical Stabilisation, JVC patented Focus Assist, Colour viewfinder and LCD display, 2 Channel balance audio inputs, mic/line switchable with built-in phantom power supply, HDMI output, USB 2.0 interface.

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Immersive Media 360 video camera system for sale (Dodeca 2360). The whole system includes:

* Head Unit (with 11 lenses)
* Varizoom Battery charger
* 2 Varizoom Li-On Batteries
* TFT portable color monitor
* Base Unit
* Car Mount
* 2 joysticks
* Walking pole mount
* Back Pack mount
* Emagin goggles with case
* Micro Optical CV-3
* 11 filters for the lenses
* All the original software the came with it.

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Hi Guys

Is this lens any good for video?

I know its cheap and plastic, but the reviews I've seen is that its good for the price for photography, But how about video?

Has anyone got one? and if so what is your perception of it?

Cheers in advance...

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This lens is brand new. we've opened the package just once. it also comes with full accessories.
Designed for use with Nikon digital SLR cameras including the D5000, D90, D300s, and D700

Focal length of 105-300mm on Nikon DX SLR cameras

Vibration Reduction allows in-focus shots with longer exposure times (up to four shutter speeds slower)

contains seven ED (extra-low dispersion) lens elements for high resolution and contrast

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Simple task, much more complicated. I've 6-8 cameras and 3-5 screens, I have to connect them and pass the image to screens.
Everything must be going through 1 or 3 computers (mac/pc).
So can someone help me with finding the hardware? I need to buy some switcher which will pass the video from 2-8 cameras to
1 or 3 computers. I just need to write software to manage the passing video, but it must be dynamically and between live video
also need put some adverts.

Thanks for any help.


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