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I have been searching EBAY and several other sites for a battery charger for the Nikon d5100. The problem with the ones there are that they are AC (plug in) chargeable only. I will be in the Redwoods soon on vacation and I was a charger I can carry in my pocket that is powered by two double a batteries. The ones on EBAY dont say they are compatible with Double A or any other battery to charge the camera batteries, so I dont want to risk buying one without it. (As there are no plugins in the woods. Or the Camper) Can you all direct me to a link or product that will charge on the go?

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Hey guys, i'm getting into photography/videography and am looking at some dslr's. I will mainly use it for downhill skateboarding, which in short is people go down big hills on skateboards (longboards) at very high speeds. I've been to around 42mph and i need something that will take stationary pictures of my freinds going by me while im standing on the side of the road. We wear full face helmets, gloves, knee pads, etc. and aren't just crazy teenagers. I'm leaning towards the nikon, and i have heard the canon T3 feels "cheap" in the plastic sense.

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Here is my Sci-fi Short Film

This one was entered in 3 Chicago 2012 film festivals

Title: The Launch
Genre: Sci-fi
Length: 9min

Some feedback would be appreciated

Thanks and enjoy

Arthur-Angelo Sarinas

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With new digital cameras touting high framerates of 120 to 300 fps, here's Tom Guilmette's film about a beauty called the Phantom Flex that almost catch a speeding bullet in flight....

Exploring Frame Rates and Resolutions on a Phantom Flex High Speed Camera - Video Blog from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

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I have a Canon Vixia HFM40. Looking for some quality audio as the last piece of my new setup. I've been eyeing different ways to go about it so I of course thought I'd get some advice before I spend $80+.

Should I grab a Shotgun mic to attach to the camera or should I get an external audio and just sync it up? Also some advice on what to buy as far as models would be appreciated too.


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