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First post but been reading threads for a while and really appreciate the wealth of information a lot of you guys freely share with newcomers such as myself. I am going to shoot a low budget horror feature next year. I have complete control over the locations so I can light as I like and there are no exterior night shots. Anyways I was looking at different camera options and wanted to get tap the wealth of experience and expertise here. 

Pick-a-Brick: Build Out an Open Source Camera

Axiom Open Module Concept
Imagine a camera that you build like a collection of Lego bricks. One brick that features the lens mount and the camera sensor, then you add blocks as you need them. Enter the Axiom Open Module Concept camera from Aperatus.

8 Tips on How to Use a Tripod

A videographer shooting video using a tripod
Terrific tripoding is a careful combination of tool and technique. These 8 tips hit the highlights to cover both aspects, so you know what features you need in a tripod for video production, and how to use it to shoot stellar shots that are smooth and stable.


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