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Hi I was shooting a wedding with my Canon 5D Mark II and Rode Videomic Pro. After, when I was going through my video there wasn't any audio playback. After checking my camera the audio somehow was disabled. Is there any way to recover the audio? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Here AirDog, Good Drone

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Cameras

Drones are great for getting aerial shots, provided you can keep the camera aimed where it needs to be. Enter AirDog, the Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Cameras, which doesn't expect or depend on an operator keeping it in line. AirDog lives up to the loyal nature of its namesake by following its owner, who is wearing on his/her wrist the digital controller called the AirLeash.

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My boyfriend and I are going to Guatemala to help a charity/organisation make a documentary (volunteering). They have no equipment, so whatever we bring is how we can make it happen. We are a bit stumped as to what would be the best camera/editing program to use.


An overview:

The documentary will be filmed in many different locations/situations, outdoors, indoors, group shots, interviews.

Camera Updates With Canon’s VIXIA Series and the CS100

white camcorder with screen flipped around
Our team at CES discovered three Canon cameras, VIXIA HF R62, VIXIA HF R60, and VIXIA HF R600, that represent updates to the well-known VIXIA line. We’ll start with the differences, the VIXIA HF R600 is the lowest costed camera and available in white or the standard electronic black. Also, saving video is taking new shape with the Canon CS100, a storage solution for up to 1TB for photos and videos.


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