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Hey everyone!

I'm looking to get some new gear to shoot walkthrough videos for real estate. I'm currently using a Nikon D5200 with a Glidecam XR200. I usually shoot with a Bower 8MM fisheye lens because of how tight the spaces can get indoors. So far i'm really disappointed with the video quality in low light on the D5200 and I find the video isn't as smooth as i'd like since the camera doesn't shoot 1080p at 60FPS.

Sony To Add Uncompressed 14-Bit RAW a7R II Camera Via Firmware Update

Sony a7R II

Sony has announced the release of a firmware update for the a7R II full frame interchangeable lens camera, adding uncompressed 14-Bit RAW image capture as a new feature available within the menu system. The update, version 2.0, will be available on October 19th and can be downloaded through Sony’s e-support site by navigating to the product page for model “ILCE-7RM2”.

Ikigai’s Rival Backpack Promises Strength from Within

kigai’s Rival Backpack defines "strength from within"

Professional photographers have long sought a camera bag that combines flexibility with secure positioning of their gear, while at the same time allowing for quick access. Ikigai’s Rival Backpack seeks to provide both along with a harness system to make wearing the backpack comfortable.

DJI Unveils the Osmo, Declares Shaky Handheld Video Thing of the Past

DJI today announced the release of the Osmo, a 4K camera mounted onto a handheld 3-axis stabilized gimbal and capable of producing super-steady, cinematic-quality video. With easy-to-use functionality and a 12 megapixel still camera, the Osmo also significantly simplifies the production of time-lapses, hyperlapses and automated panoramas.

Vitec Opens Burbank Showroom for Videographers Looking for Hands-On Experience

Vitec Videocom has opened a new showroom in Burbank, California.

Vitec Videocom, the Broadcast Division of The Vitec Group plc, has opened a new showroom in Burbank, California. The express purpose of the showroom is to aid customers who are looking for the right tools for their projects: helping to outfit, educate and support them in discovering more about how the emerging technologies can increase their effectiveness on set, as well as in creating solutions for better customization of their rigs.

DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera Has Arrived

The DxO Camera replaces the iPhone's camera

DxO thinks your iPhone or iPad camera needs some help. Their solution is the DxO One Professional Quality Connected Camera, a pocket-sized camera able to connect directly through your phone's lightning connector and provide for high resolution images through a high quality 32mm equivalent aspherical f/1.8 lens and a 1-inch sensor.

edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE Lets You Say Goodbye to Quick Release Plates

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

Quick release plates, instead of living up to their name, can often cause delays for their users. Since each company designs their own unique plate for use, attaching and detaching them and keeping them at hand for use has required more time and effort than it should when it comes to changing plates. edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE solves this problem.

Canon Announces New EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera

Canon's EOS M3 Digital Camera is made for enthusiast photographers

A high-quality interchangeable-lens camera doesn’t have to be accompanied by a high price — not if Canon’s EOS M3 Digital Camera is the camera in question. The latest addition to the EOS family, the compact, mirrorless M3 boasts a high-resolution 24.2MP CMOS sensor, DIGIC 6 advanced image processor and a 49-point autofocus system for shooting stills and Full HD videos.

Nikon Unveils 3 New High-Performance NIKKOR Lenses

Nikon's new go-to lens: THE AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR

Professional and enthusiast shooters alike will look with extreme affection on the new AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR — it improves in nearly every way on its iconic predecessor when it comes to sharpness, speed, control and physical durability.


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