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Best Support of NAB 2013 - Manfrotto 500 Fluid Head

Manfrotto tripod with award on top with signs and monitor behind

Videomaker's Best Support of NAB 2013 is the Manfrotto 500 Fluid Head. Manfrotto wants better balance and control with the 500 Fluid Head. The MVH500A 60mm halfball and the MVH500AH flat base both feature a wide base to match the wider base of DSLRs.

NAB Show 2013 to Bring Innovative Technology and Products to Las Vegas

Many NAB attendees view an Adobe presentation

The NAB Show contains sights sounds, smells and products, that will be yours courtesy of your Videomaker editorial team. We'll do our annual awards to highlight the biggest products to know about, and likely touch on some that you'll simply drool over. The biggest companies will be there, including the ones you might never hear about unless you command a workstation in a master control room.

New Swivl is White and Silver

DSLR on Swivl silver on a tripod
The new Swivl supports mobile devices and DSLRs, frankly I'm curious how a DSLR will mount. That's my first of a few questions about the new Swivl that is set to ship July 2013.

Pro Gear Highlight: Tiffen Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod With FM18 Head

Pro Gear Highlight: Tiffen Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod With FM18 Head
Tripods are one of the most traditional camera stability equipment used by professional videographers. Their portability, ease of use and wide array of applications have made them a versatile tool. Tiffen Davis & Sanford with their All Terrain Pod and FM18 fluid head have incorporated modern materials and techniques to make this traditional piece of equipment even better.

Pro Gear Highlight: Miller MINI Tripod

Pro Gear Highlight: Miller MINI Tripod
Traditional tripods may be adequate for most field applications requiring camera stability. But for certain situations, these cannot be used. Examples are when filming in cramped locations or filming shots that require camera to be at a low height. Miller, which has been designing filming equipment since 1954, has come up with their innovative MINI tripod to cater to these requirements of video and photographing professionals. The MINI tripod is basically a miniature version of the traditional tripod. It utilizes the advantages of a small size without compromising with the stability a tripod needs to provide.

Homemade Pan-&-Tilt Jib under $60

Homemade Pan-&-Tilt Jib under $60
Want to get those hard to reach shots that only a jib can provide? Is there not enough money in your pocket to afford to purchase one at a store? Well, heres a solution that might be just what youve been looking for.
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