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STABiLGO: Motorized GoPro Stabilizer

STABiLGO Motorized Stabilizer

Whenever video producers need a specific shot, they often venture into the DIY approach to get just the right tool for the shot. Such was the case for Michael and Christine creators of STABiLGo, a motorized stabilizer for GoPro Cameras.

Pro Gear Highlight: Manfrotto Sympla

Pro Gear Highlight: Manfrotto Sympla

The advancement in technology over the last decade has led to the creation of smaller, more versatile cameras. Their portability and ease of use has made them popular worldwide. However, taking a good quality photo/video using these devices requires use of accessories that may prove to be too cumbersome. The Manfrotto Sympla facilitates in taking a perfect shot by allowing a range of components to be connected to the camera, giving better control and ease of handling.

Camtrol Sniper 1080 Shooting Rig for Grab-and-Go Shooting

Camtrol Sniper 1080 Shooting Rig for Grab-and-Go Shooting

By Mark Holder

In the fast-paced world we live in, more and more people want to just grab their gear and get shooting. In the past, we were content to simply go out with our handheld and shoot some video. Today, however, people are far more sophisticated. Yesterdays birthday video, with the camera bouncing all around, just doesn't cut it anymore. Even non-professionals want steady shots, better lighting and clear audio. Therefore, the question is, How does one marry the desire for rapid, lightweight deployment, with the reality of achieving steadier shots?

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For Sale is a Stedicam Pilot-AA with StediSTAND. The Stedicam and StediSTAND were both purchased in May of 2011 and were only used 3 times. Stedicam is still under warranty. Everything is in EXCELLENT condition and works properly. There is a nic on the surface of the LCD Monitor but it is very small. Everything the Stedicam Pilot-AA comes with from factory is included in this sale.

What's included?

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