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Hi, I'm looking for a camcorder to make short films, documentaries, music videos, concerts reviews, and some low light situations. My first choice was a Canon Vixia HF G30, but then I saw the promo video for the Sony AX100 and it was mind blowing. My question is: Should I get the Sony PXW-X70 instead? looks more professional to me! 

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Hey! Alright, I have a budget of up to 2,500 for my 2nd camera, I'm researching around this budget. I am already working with a Canon VIXIA HF-M41, so I'm sticking with Canon.

Basically I want to know y'all opinion on this matter. Should I get the more professional looking, yet older model, XH-A1S or the small lightweight, yet effective and newer model, the XA10. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Any input is very appreciated.


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Without a doubt, the main reason the weekend warrior, ie. soccer mom, etc., leaves the camcorder inthe bag is because they want to watch and not view they're child through a 2 inch screen. The "Camcist" aiming device attaches to the tripod mount and frames the shot for the camcorder user. This device is in the last days of the patent process and should be available late spring, early summer.An interesting concept. Opinions?

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I want to get a new camera and I can't afford very much so I'm looking in the $500-$600 range... I've been doing a ton of research and one camera that really caught my eye was the Lumix GF1... which isprimarily for photography... but it has awesome video as well. I wanted to know if anyone had anything to say about this camera or knows anything about it.


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