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Hey I need some help...

I am looking for a camcorder $500 or under that has a microphone jack (for external microphones) and a headphone jack to monitor the sound...

Also the camera must have efficent zoom capabilities as I film pranks and need to stand far away so the people do not notice the camera

Please help me out!


Convergent Design Adds Dual-Stream to the Odyssey7Q and 7Q+

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ now include dual-stream functionality. Two SDI signals can be viewed at the same time, or a single SDI and one HDMI, with either input selectable for recording. This dual-stream HD monitoring ability comes courtesy of a firmware update, which also adds additional functionality to the monitor-recorders.

JVC Brings Slo-mo and more to 4KCAMs


JVC is bringing a wealth of new features to the GY-HM200 and GM-HM170 4KCAM recorders, both of which have seen recent price cuts with the GY-HM200 being lowered in price through a $500 instant rebate that changes its retail to $2,495, and the GY-HM170 now retailing at $1,995. Both fixed lens models will be gaining a new slow motion recording mode that will allow for 120 fps to be shot in HD resolution.'s picture
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking to get some new gear to shoot walkthrough videos for real estate. I'm currently using a Nikon D5200 with a Glidecam XR200. I usually shoot with a Bower 8MM fisheye lens because of how tight the spaces can get indoors. So far i'm really disappointed with the video quality in low light on the D5200 and I find the video isn't as smooth as i'd like since the camera doesn't shoot 1080p at 60FPS.

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Hello, forum-goers. This seems like a great place to get some help. If you're willing, of course.

I recently launched a site that hosts streaming video. We're researching 3D content, so I bought a JVC Everio GS‑TD1 for testing. Got it off of Ebay from Japan for cheap.

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me and a friend want to start a web series. i have one camcorder and i am interested in buying two lavalier mics for us to use. ive already figured out the lighting but i think sound is more important because the sound quality on the camcorder sucks. 


the camcorder i have only has one HDMI port and i'm not sure how to get the mics to hook up to the camcorder or if i can even do that? 


please help!

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I need help finding the right camcorder for my needs and was hoping I could get some input:)


I am a freelance voice over actor and I want to move into freelance business presenting as well. These are the videos you see with people looking into the camera and just talking about the product.


My budget is around $400 CAD before taxes and all I want is HD film so it looks high quality and professional for companies. 


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I've been shooting web videos for a couple of years with a Canon Vixia G10 camcorder.

I have a possible project lined up, but they client wants to know if they can use the b-roll for other purposes, including 'television'. (I'm not certain what they plan on; I'm guessing neither do they... but possibly commercial spots, which would likely be national, as they're a major company.)

The G10 has onboard scopes so I can keep peaks, etc. in line to be FCC legal... but is that really 'broadcast quality'? It's only 28mbps.  


Camera Updates With Canon’s VIXIA Series and the CS100

white camcorder with screen flipped around
Our team at CES discovered three Canon cameras, VIXIA HF R62, VIXIA HF R60, and VIXIA HF R600, that represent updates to the well-known VIXIA line. We’ll start with the differences, the VIXIA HF R600 is the lowest costed camera and available in white or the standard electronic black. Also, saving video is taking new shape with the Canon CS100, a storage solution for up to 1TB for photos and videos.


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