Lavaliers, Shotguns, and Handhelds, Oh My!

So, you've got a small budget and you finally believe that the audio you capture for your project is just as important as the video, (we told you so!) but you can only purchase one mic. Shotgun mics on boom poles are the mainstay in Hollywood, but maybe you just shoot weddings in your spare time, or do a local commercial every now and then to help make ends meet. Well, here's some pros and cons of the most common mic types, and what they're good at.

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Having some tests at the local town park

Shot with a Panasonic NV DS-11 Mini-DV camcorder

with a 52mm threaded 'Round' lens hood(that's a huge mistake as you will see in the video)

Edited in Sony Vegas increased a bit of contrast

pros here do let me know where/what can i improve on.

btw i don't have any external monitor and turned out i've got no idea what exactly i'm filming. lol.

cheers all!

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Sorry if this is a basic question but I am new to this..

I want to record a video where the actors will talk and dance. I want to have playback for them to dance to but dont want the playback picked up by the mic used for the dialog, this will just be a condenser on a boom, or maybe just the cam mic. I will drop the final sound track in later.

Any helpful tips?


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Sotoday I finallyfinished my microphone boom! Since I'm super low budget and microphone booms cost a lot of money, I used a DIY design I found online using a light bulb changer kit and some hardware.

Sure,it's not as light weightas professional ones, and Ihaveto wrapthe miccable aroundtheoutsideinsteadofhaving itinside, butI also paid ametric crapton less. :)Igaveitaquick trythisafternoonanditworksquite well,so I'mhappyso far.

Icanfinally un-mount my shotgun mic from my camera... although nowIneedtofind a boom op. :-P

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