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Lavaliers, Shotguns, and Handhelds, Oh My!

So, you've got a small budget and you finally believe that the audio you capture for your project is just as important as the video, (we told you so!) but you can only purchase one mic. Shotgun mics on boom poles are the mainstay in Hollywood, but maybe you just shoot weddings in your spare time, or do a local commercial every now and then to help make ends meet. Well, here's some pros and cons of the most common mic types, and what they're good at.

Documentary Production: Handheld Camera Techniques

Documentary Production: Handheld Camera Techniques

There is no doubt that a tripod lends itself to steady camera shots, as well as smooth pans and tilts. However, when you're shooting a run and gun documentary, a tripod can become too cumbersome to lug around. Sometimes, a tripod isn't needed when attempting a more stylistic handheld approach. Either way, without a tripod, your camera work is more likely to suffer from the shakes. To reduce the amount of excessive movement in your video try practicing the following handheld camera techniques. - Keep your elbows bent and tucked near your body.