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Just wanted to check and see if anyone has any experience with letus lens converters or the likes. I saw a movie that was filmed with one and it looked great (that film look)! I have done some googling on the subject and can only find stuff that is from 9-10 years ago. Do people still use them? Are there certain camcorders that are best for it? Will a lens with a 1.4 aperture have the same look? (Or does the vibrating glass give it something more than shallow DOF?)
Love to hear from anyone on this!

Panasonic AG-DVX200 Comes in Crimson

pro camcorder with red in a display case
Panasonic shows us how it’s camera adapts to new technology at NAB 2015. The AG-DVX200 may sound like just another camera model, but this one takes a different stance. Retain the integrated lens, SD card slots, and 72mm filter diameter, so what’s new? The AG-DVX200 has a striking crimson section of its body that denotes the recording controls.

Light Reflection: 6 Reasons Videographers Love to Shoot in the Winter

Photographer shooting under cloudy skies using a Canon 5D Mark III

As Old Man Winter lowers his cold frosty mantle upon the earth, creating dark chilly nights and crisp wintry days, many video producers think of hanging up their gear until Spring returns. But from shots exploiting winter's lovely light reflection to the striking colors of the magic hour, the dead of winter can be an enlightening time to shoot creative scenes of beauty, peace or desolation.

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