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I would like to produce videos with chromakey (blue-or greenscreen).

the video should be a virtual citytour.

the background is preproduced, and the people will just sit on a bench infront of the greenscreen.

it should look like the people are sitting in a truck driving through the city.

for my understanding, the video with the citytour should be played in the keyedout background and the truck (car) has to be an overlay ontop of everything so that it looks like the people are sitting in the truck.

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Does anyone know where I can get a book or manual or some type of documentation on Ultra CS3 that will help me learn the program? I have the documentation that comes with the program, but that is just the tech specs and what the icons do, etc. I need something that will help walk me through the various steps to do the features, such as importing my own greenscreen and background video and how to troubleshoot, that sort of thing, and I haven't been able to find anything of much help. I go to the Adobe tutorials, and that is of limited help and not really in sequence.


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