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I hope the following makes some sense...

Before you ask the Which is better? or What do you recommend? type questions, please consider a few things first.

What is your application? What are you going to be doing with your item? Is it just for family type events? Are you just getting started and want something to try out? What is your current skill level? What is your budget?

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Hi all,

My name is Jason and I'm a novice video maker. Please forgive the length of this post but I am trying to decide on the appropriate camera/software combination for my next project. Let me describe what I'm planning on doing first and then I'll ask my question(s) afterward.

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I am in the market to buy a used camera for indie music videos and possibly short films. The main onesthat have caught my attention so far are the Canon XL1s and the Sony DCR VX2000. They both seem to capture great video. Anybody have feedback on which is the better camera?

I also have been eye balling the Canon HV20 and the Sony HDR CX7 as well. I know those are cheaper and more consumer based, but some of the video I have seen on those look like film. Especially in bright outside lighting.

Any feedback is encouraged please.

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