Shooting DSLR Audio with the BeachTEK DXA-SLR PRO Audio Adapter

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How many times have you heard video producers complain about their love-hate relationship with the new DSLR shooting and workflow? Yes, using a DSLR gives you the chance to swap lenses and capture great depth-of-field shots, but then you have to deal with the one big issue that traditional camcorders have addressed for decades: capturing good clean audio. BeachTEK has a solution.
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I shot with a DSLR and I have been looking into getting an xlr adapter box such as the one made by Beachtek so I can use xlr mics. After thinking, I was wonder what the difference would be if I just bought an xlr to 1/8 (1/8 goes into my dslr) cable as long as my mic is powered? Thats $10 vs $ I missing something here?

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Just got my new HF S21 in the mail Monday- of course they just announced a new recorder that looks even better, but who cares. This thing shoots sharp as a tack.

The mini hot shoe is an issue for me- how do i mount my lights, externtal mics, etc? Do I have to buy all Canon supplied to fit that shoe? How about adding external XLR mics- do i need a Beachtek or something like it?

Has anyone used one of those handles from Opteka? How about a wide angle attachment?

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Hi all,

I just purchased a Canon FS100 camcorder and a Beachtek DXA-2s XLR adapter to go with it. I have a cheap Peavey PVi100 mic I'm using right now, and I'm not really happy with the results. Does anyone have experience with this Beachtek adapter and a good wired mic to go with it? Thanks in advance!

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Well,as thetitlesays, my Beachtek DXA-4 adapterisn'tworking the wayitshould.The rightXLR plug isn't working.I opened it up justenoughtosee what lookslike oneofthe wiresconnectedtoitcame un-soldered.My problemis,there isaton of glue holding thetop plate onto aninside plate whichmakes itimpossibleto just pulloff.

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Sony VX2100. Less than 100 hours on it.Great shape, this has been babied!
It comes with a Beachtek DXA-6 XLR - Phantom Power, XLR - 1/8 line/mike stereo,
Libec TH-M20 tripod and fluid head,
Sony 3 watt light that runs off of the on board battery,
U-Flycam Steadycam Stabilzer,
Original box,
Tamrac 612 Camera Bag,
Tiffen UV protector filter,
Cinetactics Matteblox DV System,
Users Manual and Service Manual on CD
battery, cables, charger.

All in Great shape!!

I'm asking $1850 + insured shipping

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