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I have an MP4 video I made, the output audio volume of which I need to increase so that the video's audio volume will not be so darned low on You Tube.

How would I increase the audio output of that MP4 file?



PS: I, like many, work with other video formats as well, and I'd like to be able to do the same, as above, with other formats as well. Thanks again!

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I shot with a DSLR and I have been looking into getting an xlr adapter box such as the one made by Beachtek so I can use xlr mics. After thinking, I was wonder what the difference would be if I just bought an xlr to 1/8 (1/8 goes into my dslr) cable as long as my mic is powered? Thats $10 vs $ I missing something here?

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I run a low budget wedding video business, and usually i rely on either a tape out of the church's mixer onto a cd or my built in mics to create a decent sound. What kind of mics under $100 could I buy to put on either one of my 2-camera wedding ceremony setup. Is stereo good to have?

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Greetings all!

New to the forum, i have been lurking for a couple of weeks and it seems like this group has a bunch of great talent and a great community! So for my first post I thought I would start with something that I am struggling with, I am a photographer that is adding video services for my commercial clients it seems like the two mediums have alot of natural synergy.

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So I'm using Audacity for audio fixing. ???I use a directional canon DM-100 mic. ???The sound is great, picks my voice up very clearly. ???My only problem is, I dont have a sound studio, and where I film is no carpet, all walls...etc, so the sound is bouncing around a lot. ???Basically, I sum it up as "I sound like im in a bathroom" style.???

here is an audio clip of myself in the location I film, I took out the background noise, pay attention to my voice, as you can hear what im talking about.

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I have a problem. I am starting on my shooting videos for weddings and because of my small budget i am using a olympus ws-300m digital voice recorder. So can add more audio quality to my videos. i am also using the camera mic (panasonic agdvx100b), but when i upload my audio file to my time line (FCP) and sync the audio whit the video file the first minutes are ok but after that i can ear the audio unsync this is the audio file upload from the digital voice recorder.

Can someone give advice


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Hiya, I've recently completed training in film score techniques and looking for some experience and to put a portfolio together. I've a lot of experience with composing and music production and can be very versatile with style. I've put a little site together here where you can hear some examples of my stuff. Please contact me at or through the site if your interested.

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After importing and syncing audio from Camera and Audio device into sequence everything is fine...but once I export into quicktime and review the exported video I notice that it is out of sync by as much as 3 seconds....but when I review in the Premiere sequence it fine...

Using Premiere Pro CS3....and clues

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I have recently installed the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, upgrading from CS4, and I am having some annoying issues with the audio. I always use HDV footage.

The problem is that when I import the footage, sometimes (and the problem is that is the issue is ramdom!):

- some parts of the video imported are muted. For eg., if a sequence is 3 minutes, maybe at minute 2 it becomes muted.

- sometimes, the audio is not synch with the video, although it has the same time lenght.

Surprisingly, the raw capture failes from the camera are OK. Good sound always.

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 I've been reading up on legal issues of using audio tracks (and other music) in wedding video productions. My question is this: are the songs played by a DJ service at a wedding usable in my wedding videos without violating the legal "rights" issue? I heard that if I use less than 30 seconds of the song, than there is no violation -- any comment on this?


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