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Hello Chaps; QMC, Quick Media Converter has just release a new (Always FREE) version of its software, what does this application do? More like what does it not do? It converts from and to and to and fro any video and audio format, and does so quickly. So if your budget is like mine then this is an awesome application to have.

Why the update IT WORKS WITH WINDOWS 7!!! bout time, crashes were driving me nuts.

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In one of my videos i tried using adobe premiere to get audio gain on my sound filr

now the mic delievers decent qualty but with the audio gain feature it was pretty terrible

now i really want to know howdo i get good quality after adding audio gain and make sure it doesnt get ruined

Just for refrence the audio was something like this

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Video in Question

I own the distribution and reprint rights to this video. It was produced in the mid 90's using analog technology. When I posted it to youtube they just sent me an email saying that the music was owned etc, but not to worry. The owner of the music has now escalated it to yellow, red being next where Youtube limits my account. At yellow I have the chance to alter it or remove it. At red I have to remove it or put up with a limited account.

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Thanks for your time.

I need to delete right channel audio and then copy my left channel to both channels so I have stereo. How do I do this in Sony Vegas Pro 11 please?

Are there any advantages of making the changes in Sound Forge?

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I create podcasts whenever I have something important to say. I gathered a small fanbase already. But I also want to make money with it. I got an email from youtube that I now get a share of adsense revenue there. But my podcasts are audio only. Which quick but at the same time eye-candy ways to create a video around audio can you come up with?

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Quick survey.... When you import audio into a video project, what format(s) do you prefer?

Typical project: eg. wedding video, corporate presentation, etc.
Audio content: eg. music, voice, sound FX, etc.
File type: eg. WAV / AIF / MP3, etc.
Sample rate: eg. 44.1khz, 48khz, etc.
Channels: eg. Mono / Stereo / Surround, etc.
Resolution: eg. 8-bit, 16-bit, etc.

Obviously, this varies hugely from project to project. So, consider the question for the most regular type of video work you do - a 'typical' project.

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I have an MP4 video I made, the output audio volume of which I need to increase so that the video's audio volume will not be so darned low on You Tube.

How would I increase the audio output of that MP4 file?



PS: I, like many, work with other video formats as well, and I'd like to be able to do the same, as above, with other formats as well. Thanks again!

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I shot with a DSLR and I have been looking into getting an xlr adapter box such as the one made by Beachtek so I can use xlr mics. After thinking, I was wonder what the difference would be if I just bought an xlr to 1/8 (1/8 goes into my dslr) cable as long as my mic is powered? Thats $10 vs $ I missing something here?

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I run a low budget wedding video business, and usually i rely on either a tape out of the church's mixer onto a cd or my built in mics to create a decent sound. What kind of mics under $100 could I buy to put on either one of my 2-camera wedding ceremony setup. Is stereo good to have?

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Greetings all!

New to the forum, i have been lurking for a couple of weeks and it seems like this group has a bunch of great talent and a great community! So for my first post I thought I would start with something that I am struggling with, I am a photographer that is adding video services for my commercial clients it seems like the two mediums have alot of natural synergy.


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