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I just upgraded to CS6 and have a small issue, I use 3 cams..2-ns5's and a smaller handheld something like cr150? Anyway, I used to have all 3 running fine on a timeline. This time I loaded the 2-ns5's and when I went to load the 150 it would stop my cpu dead. It would not freeze it would just try to load for an hour until I hit cancel. I tried several work arounds..until I finally converted it to a quicktime with aac audio. I have a suspicion the audio has something to do with it.

iZotope Announces Release Of RX Post Production Suite and RX 5 Audio Editor

iZotope RX5 Audio Post Production Suite

The audio technology company iZotope announced the release of the new RX Post Production Suite at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands last week. The suite includes an update to iZotope’s RX platform with RX5 Audio Editor, containing a host of audio processing and repair features aimed at significantly improving the audio post production workflow.

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Hi I was shooting a wedding with my Canon 5D Mark II and Rode Videomic Pro. After, when I was going through my video there wasn't any audio playback. After checking my camera the audio somehow was disabled. Is there any way to recover the audio? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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In reality, even if the video component has flaws and turns out to be very much less than perfect but if the audio is clear at the right volume free of distractions then the video can still be an overall success. Hence it is very important to choose the right music for your video.

Here's a video that illustrates this. 

New ZOOM F8 Field Recorder Packed with Features to Empower Filmmakers

In the field recording becomes professional with ZOOM's F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder

There are those who think that all you need to get audio is a decent microphone, but ask anyone who has recorded on location and they’ll tell you that “in the field" recordings are fraught with problems. In steps the ZOOM F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder to alleviate field recording woes with a solid performance backed up by a slew of technologies and a simplified menu optimized for quick access.

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Hello all hope someone can help me. I have opportunities to shoot live events only problem I have is the audio. With previous events I have done the video quality was great but audio could of been better. I was using a shotgun mic connected to my dslr which I know now isnt a good idea. Do anyone of you think its better to buy a professional camcorder than to use a dslr camera to do a music showcase event. Because when it comes to dslr I feel like im limited when it comes to audio. I dont know if a digital zoom mic is the best way to go by it.

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I am trying to download C-Span video so I can take short cuts of statements made during hearings. The problem is sometimes these statements are made hours into the hearing. I am able to successfully download a video clip using Houlo. Using their video player and certain other video players I was able to successfully view the downloaded video end to end; however, when I import that video into PP the audio is out of sync the farther I get away from the beginning from the start of the video. Do you have any suggestions on how I am to successfully do this?

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For one of my sceans the audio is distorted and i have no idea how to fix it. I'm using the Adobe Premiere Pro program to edit it and I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it with that program? Thanx.

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Hi everyone

Can you help? I'm new Zoom H6 user. 

I recorded an important interview using Sennheiser G3 into my Zoom H6. I also used the XY Zoom mic.

I listened back on location, and the files played back perfectly. BUT when I came to edit today, once I imported it to my PC the Sennhieser feed is just loud crackle. 

I have tested it, tested, formatted the SD card, sync'd the Sennheiser, and EVEN tested with a hand-held mic and cable, but still its the same problem.

Is it the codec settings on my PC? Any help will be MUCH appreciated

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I am new to this forum, and not sure if my question was previously posted. Nowdays, most of my clients are demanding better audio, even though the on camera mic on my Ac90 is excellent. So I was looking into some options and found the Sennheiser ew100 g3, has a wireless plug on transmitter which can be plugged into any hand held mic. I was wondering if anyone has used this plug on to connect into the line output of the DJ mixer and connect the receiver to the camera using the 1/4 jack to XLR out.


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