The Future of Lighting: LED vs. Fluorescent vs. Incandescent

The Future of Lighting: LED vs. Fluorescent vs. Incandescent
If there's one constant in this world, it might just be that technology is always changing. The second you feel as if you may finally have a handle on it all, it changes so much that you have to just about start at square one. The same goes for lighting. Lamp technology has changed so much in recent years that knowing which ones to include in a kit has become as difficult as solving world hunger. That's why we're going to look at some of the newest and best light fixtures for incandescent, fluorescent, and LED and give you some tips on which lights work best for every type of video production.
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Im not sure if this is the place for this question, seeing as how all the questions i see are video related, but ill ask anyway.

what makes a film camera good? why do the arri's cost 10's of thousands of dollars when i can get a bell and howell for a few hundred. obviously the settings on the camera have to be precise and the lens has to be up to par. isnt film, if you get the high quailtiy stuff?

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So I'm lookinginto getting anew tripod and as everyoneknows, fluidhead isthe waytogo.

The problemis, Idon'tknow much aboutfluidheads,so I'm gettingconfused bysomeofthe technical details.Thecamera thatwill mainly beused is a Sony VX2000 with Beachtex XLR adapter (microphone will be on a boom, not connected to the camera), so nothingtooheavy. Do I go with a head that can support around 6-8 pounds, or is it better to go with something that can support 20 pounds to help keep pans and tilts smooth?

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