Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album

Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album
Discs may be the last physical form of data storage, so it is appropriate that the creators of the VHS also develop the archival DVD. JVC Advanced Media tested DVD-Rs with the ISO/IEC 10995, which doesnt exactly toss the disc to the dog, but does implement up to 77 degrees with 50 percent relative humidity.
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Hello Videomaker community

I'm asking this because I have like 100+ GB footage from clients. To all pros here, what do you do with your client raw footage after you hand over the final production?. Do you keep them store in DVD or external hardrive or do you delete them?.

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I am looking for a way to simutaneously show a dvd (Blu_ray or Standard Def) and record it to an external hard drive at the same time. Is there a blu-ray player that enables external hard drives to be connected for recording purposes and if so will the dual operation of show/record degrade the quality of the video output.

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