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Final Cut Pro X 10.2 Update Adds Masks and More

laptop with color editing
Hard to believe that Apple’s Final Cut Pro is only now releasing the second major update for software that debuted about four years ago. Bringing things up to date means accounting for more robust files, thus, downloaders of Final Cut Pro X 10.2 will gain GPU acceleration for RED RAW workflows, as a well as native support for JVC H.264 Long GOP, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, Sony XAVC S

Apple Brightens iPhone Filmmakers’ Day with Launch of Two New Devices

Gold iPhone 5S

Since the release of the iPhone 4 way back in June 2010, Apple’s popular smartphone has been at the forefront of the mobile filmmaking revolution. But the heat has been on recently from other mobile manufacturers, particularly Samsung, so Apple needed to come up with some pretty big news at today’s launch event regarding its flagship mobile device. So, has the Cupertino tech giant delivered?