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YouTube Founders release Vine competitor “MixBit”

MixBit Video App from the founders of YouTube
Vine and Instagram accelerated to instant celebrity status with smartphone sharing similar to YouTube's ascent, when it first blasted the video sharing world. The YouTube founders are going for a double play with a new smartphone video app competitor - MixBit. It as the pedigree, does it have the chops?
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I want to shoot an educational video with two cameras, one main camera on the subject, and another bullet/lipstick camera for closeup shots. While considering this type of shoot, I'm thinking of a lot of problems that need to be solved. For example, does some device exist that will allow me to start (and stop) recording both cameras at the same time? I've read a little on multicam shoots where people talk about using video mixers and all kinds of complex equipment, but I really don't want anything too complicated..

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