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Hey guys, new to the forum.

It looks like an interesting and informative place -- I and am very much looking forward to learning more and joining some of the interesting conversations on here.

I'm starting a new site called network101 (, which offers a low-cost, subscription-based service for video creators.

The marketing is primarily aimed at YouTubers, as we offer a very different alternative to joining scammy MCNs, but the service can be just as useful for anyone creating video content.

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Watch Trailer Here!
Hey! I've been working on an animated passion project for about half a year and finally am about to release it :) Made exclusively in After Effects, 3DS Max and Premiere Pro, check the trailer and give me some feedback! And don't forget to stay tuned for drop on April 1st!

I'm also planning a behind the scenes look on the blog in the coming days, if anyone's interested


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This year's Edinburgh Short Film Festival is once again open for entries, screening the best in contemporary International short cinema alongside  Scottish & UK short films in Scotland's ancient capital!
The Festival welcomes submissions from Scottish, UK and International filmmakers.
All genres will be considered - we have previously screened everything from drama to animation, music to documentary, experimental to comedy and all genres in-between.

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The Spirit Quest Film Festival has opened their call for entries for their 2013 season and is currently seeking inspirational, thought provoking and intriguing films and screenplays from around the world.

Created and maintained by film festival veterans with deep ties within the industry, Spirit Quest hopes to provide submitting filmmakers and screenwriters with the exposure and attention they deserve for all of their hard work.


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