Technology Phobia or Frustration? I Miss Analog

Sometimes I really hate technology. OK. I'm no technophobe, but lately, it seems that just as soon as I learn the new updates to some software, they go and makes changes on me and I either have to update again, or buy fresh and start over.OK. Maybe I don't HATE technology.. but wasn't it supposed to make our lives easier?

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With about 90,000 members to Videomaker, I am very curious as to how many of us are still using analog camcorders (VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, etc.). I find it hard to believe that all of the Videomaker members are ALL into digital only. I would like to have feedback from some analog members who still enjoy using this format vs digital (or maybe use both). If everyone was shooting digital only, then there would be no market for analog tapes. However, there are many outlets selling lots of analog tapes, including some of the camcorder manufacturers themselves.

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every product for converting analog (VHS) to a digital format seems to have an output via FireWire to the input of my computer. But as I'm finding out not all PC's have a FireWire port. What now? Is there a USB solution or how else does one get there old home movies onto the computer that is not equiped with FireWire. For now, my friend has to bring his crap over to use my computer where then Ihave toshare so that he can get it onto his computer.

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We have just upgraded to Cannon XHA1s cameras; but could not upgrade our analog switcher (Focus MX4) and was wondering about the possibility of catching a signal from the cameras, and sending it to the switcher.

The cameras have BNC outs, as well as RCA.... anyone have ideas?

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For years, I have come across the problem of dropping frames when trying to capture video in a good quality from my Hi8 Camcorder. I'm aware that it isn't unusual for that to happen with 8mm/Hi8 capturing, but are there any possible tricks or other free capturing softwares that could help me with this problem? This is by far the most frustrating experience for me when I do my editing. I am currently using Pinnacle Studio 12 ultimate. Thanks.

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I am trying to upload my old analog 8mm tapes to my PC using the RCA connections on my TV-in/tuner card. It all seems to be going well, but I find that I am getting some distortion or interference on the uploaded file. As I watch it upload, on the camera the image is fine, but on the computer there is some interference, the best way to describe it is like when the old tv stations on an antenna would go in and outangled lines on the image. What would cause this? Is there any way to get rid of it?

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I have a slowly dying Videonics switcher, and would like to use a spare Vista machine as a switcher/recorder.

I have three cameras fed into the switcher via s-video to tape live events and church services. Audio is run from a mixer board. What I'm thinking of doing is putting three or four PCI tv tuner cards into the PC -- but i'm not sure if one PC can handle that many.

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As a newbie, I only still have an analog camera...I would like to shoot fresh video footage to use in practicing with FCP 6.

Would purchasing the Pinnacle Video capture for MAC allow me to convert my analog footage to a useableformat for my IMAC so I could start editing with Final Cut Pro 6?



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