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Counterpoint: Technophilia or Laziness? I DON’T Miss Analog Media

Digi-beta Recorder

Yesterday Videomaker’s own Jennifer O’Rourke wrote an article professing her love of analog media. While I respect and acknowledge her many good points, I just can’t get on board. I learned to edit video using the linear tape-to-tape method, and trust me, there are no rose tinted glasses here. The thought of having to go back to the days of capturing video from tape nearly gives me an anxiety attack. Tape vs film?

Technology Phobia or Frustration? I Miss Analog

Sometimes I really hate technology. OK. I'm no technophobe, but lately, it seems that just as soon as I learn the new updates to some software, they go and makes changes on me and I either have to update again, or buy fresh and start over.OK. Maybe I don't HATE technology.. but wasn't it supposed to make our lives easier?

Videomaker Gives up Predicting Analog Transmission Deadline

Videomaker Gives up Predicting Analog Transmission Deadline
Ok. We give up officially. The deadline for TV stations to abandon their analog broadcast channels was Feb 17th, then it wasn't, then it was again, now it's kinda June 12th if your local station wants to. The latest bill that passed sent the drop-dead date out until June 12th, 2009. However most, if not all, analog broadcast stations were geared up to pull the switch on Feb 17th. Lawmakers are concerned that television viewers aren't ready to make the switch yet, and that there was a large unfilled backlog of digital converter coupons still left to be sent out.