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Hello guys, I need help with one specific shot in my movie where we have moving candle that wasn´t lit because I wanted to add fire in post-production but there is problem with the motion tracker... It doesn´t track the movement of a candle very well and the mask that I parented later on which is fire and wick of candle jiggles around. Is there any way to track the movement any better?

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Greg Olson of Videomaker recently hosted an instructional video on how to build an opening graphics using camera and expression in After Effects. I followed along and everything was working fine up until i rendered everything and I got the the following error:

"No active camera at time -, Expression disabled." And the scale expression was disabled for all the layers. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Adobe Announces New Creative Cloud 2015 Update for Improved Touch Control and More

Touch Editing with Premiere Pro CC 2015

Today, in anticipation of IBC 2015, Adobe announced innovative advancements to Adobe Creative Cloud’s video applications and workflow. The newly released Creative Cloud 2015 sees a handful of new tools and workflow improvements for video producers, allowing them to work with higher quality footage and gain even greater access to the tools they use on a regular basis.

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Hi, all,

We are video/film makers and as the workload has become bigger we are in need of a video editor. So far I have done everything myself (director, operator, editor, after effects, sound, color correction etc.) but this no longer works for us as we are growing.

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     I'm working on a short film.  In this film, unfortunately, I have to do a lot of rotoscoping.  After Effects has a powerfull rotoscoping tool called the rotobrush.  I'm trying to create a mask around my subject, and put him in a different environment.  Without getting too specific into the details as to why, suffice it to say that I can't use a green screen for my certain situation.

Adobe Creative Cloud Receives Innovative New Updates

Adobe Character Animator

With NAB just around the corner, Adobe announced today forthcoming updates to the Creative Cloud for video professionals. The new updates appear to be quite innovative and increase the creative tools available for content creators. This includes several new tools, increased Creative Cloud integration and feature updates.


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