aerial videography

3D Robotics Solo is the Best Drone of NAB 2015

drone in a display case
The Solo drone from 3D Robotics alters the idea of drones as radio controlled hobby model aircraft and uses video games as the inspiration. 3DR made sure the Solo allows for more focus on the imagery, and the controller shows it all, with knobs for adjusting camera angle, angle presets, and simple buttons. The team at 3DR wants to reduce the need to pilot a drone and give the feeling of gaming to flying.

Your Drone Pilot and Camera Op: HEXO+

Hexacopter flying with a camera
Making drones simple is no easy task and Squadrone System separated itself from others at CES and aims to make the HEXO+ right, their Kickstarter campaign went way over goal, so we know there’s great investment behind this drone.
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