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I'm on a MacBook Pro 7,1 build (mid-2010) with the specs below. What is the highest verison of Adobe Premiere Elements I can run? I'm confused about the difference between 32 bit processor and 32 bit kernel -- are they one and the same? Thanks!


Specs below:


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Would someone Please help me with how I can speed up my rendering. I use premiere elements 9 and am working onediting a play which is 1 1/2 hr long. When I render it is taking over 35 min and more to complete. I just upgraded my videocard to a 1024mb geforce gt 440. I have 8 meg ram and I am using win 7 home premium64 bit with a intel i7 920 @ 2.67GHz. Is there something I can do to speed this up? Also when moving cut clips around elements is locking up on me. Any help would be appreciated.

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Is there a way to upload (via USB or SD HC) Canon Vixia HF M [Series] HD files directly into Adobe Premiere Elements 8 without having to bother with the Pixela application?

(Why do great camera vendors provide terrible editing software in a manner which interfers with good video? Canon, Panasonic--the whole lot--would be much better off investing the money they waste on bad software--which cannot compete with Premiere--into what they do best: great camcorders.)

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Please help. I am new to Adobe Premiere Elements. For the store front I am using I need to make videos smaller then 10mb in order to be able to sell them as a downloadable product. I have aprox a 7 min video that I rendered in flash. But it is still 17MB. The video was shot in HD. I am completely lost. I have read many posts all over the internet. I don't know if I can edit the frame size and if I do, what should I make the dimensions be. Please help.

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I make audio software and have been struggling to make instructional videos.

The first issue I/we have had is finding a screenrecorder program. It took me a full day to find a software and codec combo that was remotely passable and the timing drifts - some parts are synced, others are up to 3 seconds off.

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I am pondering a change in what I use to edit. Currently I do not use a PC based system. I read write ups in the VM mag about Pinnacle Studio 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements. Is anyone familiar withboth systems and willing to share their thoughts and preferences?

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