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Hello all,


Five years ago myself and a group of friends made a 30 minute film for a major high school project, the film is tacky and hilariously cheesy (having been made on no budget at all), BUT there is a lot of memory attached to it and so recently I have begun trying to clean it up for the sake of those memories and reminiscing.


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Very basic question here.  I'm a casual, hobbyist user of Sony Vegas since version 9.  I've never used Adobe products, but I am considering picking them up.  Can someone give a basic explanation of which products for video editing are available and how they are delivered?  Specificalyl, what is Adobe Cloud?


What I want to know is can I purchase Adobe After Effects as a standalone download or must I be a member of their cloud service?  What about Adobe Premier?  Other video editing software in their suite?

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Hi guy, I’m new in this forum, my name is mario and I’m an editor and 2d compositor with AE and Combustion. For editing I use Avid MC.


The reason to get into this forum is becaise I saw the great review videomaker did on the Dell Precision T7600.


I’m planning to buy one of them, but the one that you reviewed was top notch, about $12,000.  The one I will order is $6,000, half of that.


Normally I work with HD footage but I want to have enough power to handle 4k if necessary.


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