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Adobe After Effects

Zombie Visual Effects: Wake the Undead

Rampant Design Tools MonsterFX: Undead
Want to make a zombie horde without hordes of sticky icky makeup to deal with? Rampant Design Tools releases MonsterFX: Undead, a royalty-free stock element library of undead zombie elements.

Making of "Hacked DSLR vs. Parkour"

Canon DSLR with exposed device held by a person
Making of "Hacked DSLR vs. Parkour" - yes, you get the secrets behind this cool video featuring the Tempest Free running Academy. Creator John Irwin has been very cooperative in our interrogation and the answers are surprising, especially if you think that the tricks done by the performers are fake - because the free running is real. Actually, without any pressing from Videomaker, Irwin posted the behind the scenes of the visually tricky video, so your assignment if you don't want SPOILERS, is to watch the original video, which was a Video of the Day on April 1 and then watch the making of (see link below) to hear how Irwin put it all together.