Martini Plug-in Aims to Shake Up Your Storyboards and Slugs

The Martini Storyboard Plug-In brings visualization to the video editing storyboard

Martini is a post-production plug-in designed to bring the creativity of visualization into the video editing realm. The plug-in bridges the gap between the scenes not as yet shot and the final edit — eliminating the need for black slugs with text to explain a missing shot.

Adobe Teases Tourist-Free Monument Mode

Adobe Teases Tourist-Free Monument Mode
Did you ever shoot a photo while on vacation, only to find out later that unwanted people — aka tourist — had cluttered the scene and made that beautiful landscape, historical site or landmark look like junk? All that could change once Adobe’s Monument Mode camera app becomes available for smartphones.

Compelled to Create: Doing What You Must, Not What You Should

Man's head replaced by burst of color symbolic of creativity

There are things we must do. What we love, and what we are passionate about are actually one and the same with who we are as people, and how we spend our time is a direct relation to how true to ourselves we are being. This realization, that our creativity and passion are distinctly what define us as people, can be life altering. My music is who I am. My editing style is who I am. How I photograph my dogs is who I am. This is heavy stuff.

Dell Promises More Power And Performance With Release of New Precision Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision Mobile Workstation

Dell today announced the release of the latest line of Precision mobile workstations, allowing “creative professionals that demand purpose-built solutions to manage their critical workloads.” The new workstations are thinner and lighter on the outside due to a design combination of carbon fibre and aluminium; while new processors and faster memory and storage contribute to the enhanced performance on the inside.

Adobe Announces New Creative Cloud 2015 Update for Improved Touch Control and More

Touch Editing with Premiere Pro CC 2015

Today, in anticipation of IBC 2015, Adobe announced innovative advancements to Adobe Creative Cloud’s video applications and workflow. The newly released Creative Cloud 2015 sees a handful of new tools and workflow improvements for video producers, allowing them to work with higher quality footage and gain even greater access to the tools they use on a regular basis.

Adobe Creative Cloud Receives Innovative New Updates

Adobe Character Animator

With NAB just around the corner, Adobe announced today forthcoming updates to the Creative Cloud for video professionals. The new updates appear to be quite innovative and increase the creative tools available for content creators. This includes several new tools, increased Creative Cloud integration and feature updates.


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