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CES 2014: Take a Soloshot2

camera controlling device

Soloshot2, the name says it, you'll be able to take shots on your own, and this is not the first robot camera operator produced by SOLOSHOT. This second version adds vertical control, ultimately an accessory allows it to automatically pan, tilt and zoom. It does what many crew members have had to do.

Sony Introduces Weatherproof Digital Recording Binoculars

Sony DEV-50V Binoculars
If you are going out to the wild to watch spectacular scenic or monumental sports plays having binoculars at hand is a good idea. But not just any binoculars, why not get one that record full AVCHD and 2D or 3D such as the newest Sony DEV-50V.
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I am currently running Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 and have several softball games that I am putting together for my wife. I would like to have a running scoreboard that is better than just using a text box. Ideally I would like to have something that could indicate runners on bases (however this is not a requirement), along with the inning, outs, and obviously score. If anyone has any ideas or can recommend a plug-in that would make it easier, that would be awesome.

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Hi Forum,

I'm a novice videographer and my daughter's record soccer games on the weekends. I would like to add a scoreboard and running clock to the video. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I have search online and one suggestion was to use subtitles. Is that possible? Would it have to be done frame by frame? I also read that it would require a re-encode of the video which would degrade the video quality. Thanks for any help.

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