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CES 2014: JVC GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 are Tough Guys

wet camcorder with LCD screen open

JVCs two new cameras GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 bring action-camera-durability to the traditional camera form factor. Like the aging action star, these show promise of no excuse good video. When JVC asks for proofing, they mean it, with IPX8 certification, both the GZ-R10 and GZ-R70 can be submersed under 16 feet of water, and for most of us, that's as far as we'll want to go.

5 Best GoPro Videos on the Web that Aren't Action Sports

POV of a dog from a Scene of two dogs eye-to-eye taken from a GoPro camera
The GoPro cameras are quickly becoming the Go To cams for extreme sports enthusiasts, taking video in places no ordinary camera can. But not all GoPro users are shooting sports. We scoured the internet looking for our favorite NON SPORT videos shot at creative angles using these amazing little go-anywhere point of view video cameras.

Polaroid XS80 Mountable HD Action Camera

Polaroid XS80
If you’re planning an adventure where you'll need to cross a river, bike your way through the forest or climb a mountain, including an action camera in your video kit can help you relive the fun later. Better yet an affordable model such as the newest Polaroid XS80 mountable HD action camera.

One Camera, Two Lenses - ATC Chameleon Action Camera

ATC Chameleon
If you thought a camera with two lenses is only for 3D, then you'd be as surprised as we were when we heard of the ATC Chameleon action camera. It has two lenses that shoot two videos simultaneously (in sync) and that can be independently positioned to shoot from different angles.