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I wonder how practical those things are compared to a regular, full-screened teleprompter.


I'd imagine most people would have trouble seeing those letters, no matter how big they are on the phone screen. Then again, I could be wrong.


Has anyone used those before? If so, what was your experience with it?

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Without a doubt, the main reason the weekend warrior, ie. soccer mom, etc., leaves the camcorder inthe bag is because they want to watch and not view they're child through a 2 inch screen. The "Camcist" aiming device attaches to the tripod mount and frames the shot for the camcorder user. This device is in the last days of the patent process and should be available late spring, early summer.An interesting concept. Opinions?

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1ea. DXA-5D, dslr dual xlr mic adapter - $329.00.

1ea. iDC follow focus & viewfinder - $399.00

1ea. Canon EF lens 50mm f/1.2 - $1,300.

1ea. Canon EF lens 100mm f/2.8 macro - $425.00

All in great working condition, email for pics, also on eBay.

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I am selling my Sony VX1000 camcorder, which is in very mint condition.The camera works great and looks as good as the day I got it. With this package, you get the camera, a modded raynox fisheye lens, a step up ring, a filter, 2 batteries, a charger, a remote, an operating manual, a padded carrying bag, mini dv tapes, and all the standard cords and cables. I'm looking for $900 for this whole package.If interested or if you have questions, shoot me an email at andreforte@comcast.netor call me at 503-888-0517. Thanks!

Petrol Raincover - Shooting Storms with Confidence

Petrol Raincover - Shooting Storms with Confidence
Reprinted from a Petrol press release Videotaping Tornadoes and Hurricanes can be a daunting task, just ask Richard Campbell who has shot video in 25 named hurricanes and spent five weeks on assignment for The Weather Channel with a tornado researching crew.
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The ad says "in-person transactions only" but since you guys are visiting the videomaker forum, I'd assume your not a scammer. So I'll accept checks mailed to me; however, I won't ship out the camera until the check clears.

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