DJI Unveils the Osmo, Declares Shaky Handheld Video Thing of the Past

DJI today announced the release of the Osmo, a 4K camera mounted onto a handheld 3-axis stabilized gimbal and capable of producing super-steady, cinematic-quality video. With easy-to-use functionality and a 12 megapixel still camera, the Osmo also significantly simplifies the production of time-lapses, hyperlapses and automated panoramas.

Sony's New Line of Professional Hard Disk Arrays Brings Portability to the 4K Post-production Workflow

Sony annunces professional RAID line of portable hard disk arrays

Sony has announced a new line of professional portable hard disc arrays with the PSZ-RA4T and the PSZ-RA6T. Designed to move around 4K UHD video content, both models feature a built-in carrying handle to add to the portability factor, making them useful for video productions taking place in the field or on location as well as for situations where use of such drives provide greater stability and safety amidst harsh working conditions.

Is 4K Video Worth It (on YouTube)?

Selecting 4K playback resolution on YouTube

Video resolution has come a long way since the days of video camcorders, but the drive for higher resolutions has woken everyone up to the fact that when it comes to networking files and uploading them to the Internet, "bigger" isn't necessarily better.


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