Emerging Film Maker Profile: Sean Durkin

Emerging Film Maker Profile: Sean Durkin
In January of 2011, at the Sundance Film Festival, the world's indy elite descended on Park City, Utah to showcase their newest projects and gain some momentum and word-of-mouth with the hopes of getting distribution for their films. Dotting the landscape also were some indy filmmakers whose films don't have any actors of note, no special effects and rely solely on story and passion to gain the attention of festival goers and distribution companies. One such filmmaker is Sean Durkin.

NAB 2012: What Does Canon Have Up Their Sleeve?

NAB 2012: What Does Canon Have Up Their Sleeve?
If you've been watching for pre-NAB anouncements and rumors as closely as we have, you've surely seen some of the big news. A couple of the biggest morsels being Sony's NEX-FS700U, which can shoot up to 960 frames per second, and some rather cryptic invitations being sent out from Canon which contain nearly no details on what they might be talking about. Rumors are swirling about the possibilities.
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Digital filmmaking and post has ended 35mm films dominance in the movie business. This new research looks at the future trends in post production and the filmmakers, like Spielberg, who are still loyal to film:

The rise of digital in motion pictures Beyond the tipping point for film (part 2 of 2)

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