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Selling a gently used Panasonic HMC-150

Hours: 203

Lens: Mint

Body: 9/10

Functions: Like New

Package Includes: Original Box, 3 sd cards, 2 batt, charger, carrying case, and a Calumet Lightweight Tripod.


Please call or text 773.860.8951

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Hi! I'm new here and I would like you guys to give me some ideas on how to make The Canon Vixia's 24p (through pulldown) to look even more like film because my videos have that sort of blurriness that you find in film but they don't run as smoothly. The image is great but isn't there a plug-in for Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro to make everything more "dreamy" and soft? Thankz

Firmware Hacks: Recording High Bitrates on Small Cameras

Firmware Hacks: Recording High Bitrates on Small Cameras
Just a few short days ago, news came out that the firmware for the Panasonic Lumix GH1 got hacked. Now typically, you'd think that was a bad thing, and typically, you'd be right. However, in this case, that is far from the truth. Instead, the firmware hack for the GH1, made by Tester13, allows it to take MJPEG videos with a bitrate of up to 50 Mbps.

Why Using Interchangeable Lenses is the Future of Video

Why Using Interchangeable Lenses is the Future of Video
Every once in a blue moon, a technology announcement goes from the usual to the revolutionary. With Sony's announcement of their tiny AVCHD high-definition camcorder with an interchangeable lens system, the revolution of interchangeable lenses has begun.
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Ever since video began to compete with film for the dollars of Indy filmmakers, film afficionados have always argued that video was inferior because it's high framerate 29.97 and lack of selective focus makes it look too 'real'. Well for those who would like to know the real info on 24p here's an explanation of the framerate and how it works in video from Videopia.

The 24p Conspiracy from Videopia on Vimeo.


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