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New Mics Buyer's Guide

Graphic of a pair of mics with animated sound waves emanating from them
With all the emphasis today on camcorder and DSLR image capabilities and technologies such as sensor size, 4K, interchangeable lenses, focus and exposure assists, stabilizers and on and on; it’s very easy to overlook that other extremely important component of great video — audio! You may have perfect exposure, excellent dynamic range and beautifully shallow depth of field, but if the audio sucks, you’re done.

DJI S900 Review

Image of the DJI S900 multicopter
The DJI S900 is the little brother to the S1000, and the next step in evolution from the S800. The S900 promises to carry 4K cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 with unparalleled stability through its brushless gimbal.

Lumu Light Meter Review

The Lumu turns your iPhone into a light meter.
The Lumu light meter allows any iPhone user the power of a light meter for only $149. But can it compare to a traditional meter?

Mobile Editing in the Age of SSDs

Consider your storage needs before beginning any project.
Is the extra speed and reliability of a Solid State boot drive enough to edit video? Are external drives for backups still needed? While these questions seem fairly simple, a closer look at workflows show that the answers aren’t the same for every editor and every project.

Working With What You Have

Photo of Equipment List form showing Jib rental prices crossed out and “Borrow Joe’s Ladder” inked in.
Sometimes the movie in your mind isn't the one that ends up on tape. When this happens, how do you know if it's because you don't have the right equipment or if it's because you don't have the right skill set?

LTO Digital Tape Storage Explained

Photos of imation, IBM, Sony and Maxell tapes
Digital tape storage is a viable and cost-effective alternative to hard drives for the long-term storage of video productions and other digital content when hundreds of terabytes are concerned. The technology is stable, long-standing and doesn't require any significant learning curve to understand or use.

Sony a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Review

Photo of Sony a7S Full Frame MILC
Sony's a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Camera is a perfect example of why you should never judge by size alone. This little powerhouse is packed with many pro-level features and a few that even the big boys can't match. If you ever wanted to see in the dark, have dynamic range to burn, play with 4K and still have money left in the bank, then the a7S may be for you.

The DSLR Buddy: Fostex DC-R302 Review

The Fostex DC-R302 helps the DSLR video shooter record better audio.
The Fostex DC-R302 is built with the DSLR shooter in mind. Allowing the shooter to double as sound recordist, this XLR-equipped audio recorder makes one-person shooting more possible.

Get Accepted Into Film Festivals

Film festivals can be a great way to get your film more exposure.
Competing in film fests can be a lot of fun and offers exposure for your talents and your business; however, festival submissions can be costly with some costing more than $100 to enter. By developing a comprehensive festival strategy, you can minimize cost and risk while still attempting to attain maximum exposure.

Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 11 Review

Screen grab of the editing interface.
Say hello to your new best friend. DaVinci Resolve 11 is an elite editing and color correction program that you should consider using on your next masterpiece. The robust Lite version is even available free of charge. Read on to find out if this is too good to be true.