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iZotope RX4 Review

Screen grab of iZotope RX 4 Advanced Audio Repair Software
iZotope RX4 is an Audio Repair software that allows the user to visually see problems in audio, and remove them transparently. It will remove clips to buzzes and even removes reverb.

How to Shoot Dialogue Scenes

Extreme low angle shot from Citizen Kane.
Dialogue is an important aspect of any narrative film project and is an excellent tool to move the plot forward. More than getting information across to audiences, how you film a dialogue scene can have a dramatic impact on the tone of the scene, how characters are perceived and what audiences feel.

Hewlett-Packard Z840 Review

Photo of Hewlett-Packard Z840 Workstation
The video production workstation to beat, the HP Z840 offers top-tier performance for the video professional.

Mobile Workstation Buyer's Guide

Grunge style laptop image
With so many choices in new laptops for editing video and creating visual effects — from mobile workstations to gaming laptops to tablets — it's easy to get lost in the plethora of models. Deciding the right balance between performance, portability and price for your workflows will help you narrow down your options.

How to Edit Dialog

Screen grabs from the last scene of “A Few Good Men”.
There’s a lot of talk about what makes a great story. Without a doubt, when it comes to cinematic storytelling, dialog speaks volumes into the overall narrative. Characters interact and reveal themselves on screen with what they say. The words on the script are only one part of the story. The editor controls the pace and arrangement of a character’s dialog, which means the editor has influence over what those words mean.

Why Use An I/O Device?

Stylized image of NewTek TriCaster and keyboard
Video I/O devices are an often overlooked element of the entire video production workflow. A video I/O device, when used correctly, saves time and helps to increase the technical quality of a video production.

Microphone Buyer's Guide

Graphic of a pair of mics with animated sound waves emanating from them
With all the emphasis today on camcorder and DSLR image capabilities and technologies such as sensor size, 4K, interchangeable lenses, focus and exposure assists, stabilizers and on and on; it’s very easy to overlook that other extremely important component of great video — audio! You may have perfect exposure, excellent dynamic range and beautifully shallow depth of field, but if the audio sucks, you’re done.

DJI S900 Review

Image of the DJI S900 multicopter
The DJI S900 is the little brother to the S1000, and the next step in evolution from the S800. The S900 promises to carry 4K cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 with unparalleled stability through its brushless gimbal.

Lumu Light Meter Review

The Lumu turns your iPhone into a light meter.
The Lumu light meter allows any iPhone user the power of a light meter for only $149. But can it compare to a traditional meter?