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Sony a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Review

Photo of Sony a7S Full Frame MILC
Sony's a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Camera is a perfect example of why you should never judge by size alone. This little powerhouse is packed with many pro-level features and a few that even the big boys can't match. If you ever wanted to see in the dark, have dynamic range to burn, play with 4K and still have money left in the bank, then the a7S may be for you.

The DSLR Buddy: Fostex DC-R302 Review

The Fostex DC-R302 helps the DSLR video shooter record better audio.
The Fostex DC-R302 is built with the DSLR shooter in mind. Allowing the shooter to double as sound recordist, this XLR-equipped audio recorder makes one-person shooting more possible.

Get Accepted Into Film Festivals

Film festivals can be a great way to get your film more exposure.
Competing in film fests can be a lot of fun and offers exposure for your talents and your business; however, festival submissions can be costly with some costing more than $100 to enter. By developing a comprehensive festival strategy, you can minimize cost and risk while still attempting to attain maximum exposure.

Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 11 Review

Screen grab of the editing interface.
Say hello to your new best friend. DaVinci Resolve 11 is an elite editing and color correction program that you should consider using on your next masterpiece. The robust Lite version is even available free of charge. Read on to find out if this is too good to be true.

Nikon D810 Hands-on Review: Perfection Just Got an Upgrade

Photo of Nikon D810 DSLR
With an astounding 36.3MP sensor, uncompressed video output over HDMI, a full frame sensor and an expanded 14.8 EV sensitivity, the D810 continues to be the best video DSLR in Nikon’s lineup and for the combination of features and price, is the DSLR to beat in the professional world.

How to Take Advantage of High Dynamic Range

How to Take Advantage of High Dynamic Range
Shots with a large dynamic range can give your production a high end, cinematic feel. Footage with rich detail in the highlights and shadows is typically synonymous with big production value. How can you get this look for your next project?

MoVI M5 Review

Picture of the MoVI M5 stabilizer.
The MoVI M5 is heralded as a versatile camera stabilization system to rival even the most established solutions. Surprisingly easy to use and armed with a 3-axis gimbal, the MoVI M5 aims to liberate your camera to achieve shots once thought impossible. But how does it perform in the field?

Autodesk Smoke 2015 Review

Autodesk Smoke 2015 User Interface
All the video editing capabilities of Avid Media Composer and the compositing power of Nuke rolled into one package?! Does anything sound "suite-er?" Smoke 2015, part of the hard-hitting arsenal from Autodesk (makers of Maya, Softimage and 3DStudio Max to name a few), has always been one of those phantoms on the horizon that every editor wishes they had, but felt they couldn't attain. Yes, it's a bit expensive — but is it worth it?

How to Direct Theater Actors for Video

How to Direct Theater Actors
Looking to cast your next low or no budget indie movie? Having trouble finding experienced actors to bring your screen story to life? Look no further than your local theater scene as a possible source of film talent. College theater groups, repertory and community theater organizations are teeming with talented prospects to populate your film.

Get the Most of Your Footage by Using Selective Color Correction

A color correction workstation running DaVinci Resolve.
Color correction is one of the primary tasks of the post-production workflow. It serves to alter the overall image of any video with the video editor crafting a cohesive look that furthers the narrative intent of their production. One of the most powerful color correction techniques doesn’t affect the entirety of the overall image. It’s the process of secondary color correction, selectively applying color correction techniques to only a portion of the screen.