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Selective Color Correction

A color correction workstation running DaVinci Resolve.
Color correction is one of the primary tasks of the post-production workflow. It serves to alter the overall image of any video with the video editor crafting a cohesive look that furthers the narrative intent of their production. One of the most powerful color correction techniques doesn’t affect the entirety of the overall image. It’s the process of secondary color correction, selectively applying color correction techniques to only a portion of the screen.

10 Ways to Think Like a Professional Filmmaker

Photo of a director's chair with a slate on it. Reshoot is written in red over the Take number.
Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten about the artistic process was from renowned comic book illustrator Michael Zulli who said, “Learn everything about your craft and then forget it.” This seemed a bit obtuse to me at the time, but then it unfolded like a flower and I realized that bit of wisdom contained everything I needed to know about art.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4K Review

Photo of the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4 MILC
4K, loads of frame rate options and it’s tiny. Panasonic outdid themselves with the GH4. Don’t kid yourself, it’s more than just a DSLR, in fact it’s a video behemoth with a really nice built-in photography camera.

Using Time-Lapse Equipment

Using time-lapse equipment
Mmm … time-lapse. One of the coolest effects a videographer or photographer can create. Whether shooting time-lapse stills of a cloudscape or stars on a clear night, or maybe a video time-lapse of people racing through Times Square at night, there are few effects that can match the feeling conveyed through a thoughtful time-lapse.

Get Better Audio Using Compressors

Close up photo of knobs on an Audio Compressor
It’s important to understand how a compressor and limiter work. Being able to get the most out of the audio you are recording will make your final product shine and rise above the rest.

Adobe Creative Cloud Update 2014 Review

Screen grabs from Premiere Pro Creative Cloud
The Adobe Creative Cloud video applications received some significant new features, as well as workflow improvements that are beneficial to users of all skill levels. The upgrades trend toward increased efficiencies, especially for the video editor who wears multiple hats.

The Art of Capturing Light and Casting Shadows

Photo of a studio light with barndoors
Just because something is well lit doesn't mean that it's properly lit. Being able to distinguish between the two is the difference between a clinical product demonstration and art. It may seem unintuitive, but bad lighting through good lighting is a very common, amateur mistake in making video.

Hey Director, Hands Off The Camera!

Photo of a Director talking to his Director of Photography
Moviemaking is a team sport. Let your team do its work. Keep your fingers off the lens. Instead, own the script, know what you want up on the screen, communicate that with confidence and then get out of the way, trust your DOP to interpret your cinematic vision. Spend your time with actors and focus on story.

Organizing the Timeline

Screen grab of a messy timeline
Video editing is messy. At times it feels like there is an insurmountable number of items to keep track of, inside and outside of the video editing timeline. A video editor can feel overwhelmed under a mountain of video clips, music tracks, sound effects, various compositions, graphics and multiple deliverables. It’s a different story if the video editor establishes some standard working practices to keep organized and on top of everything that enters their timeline.