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Using Time-Lapse Equipment

Using time-lapse equipment
Mmm … time-lapse. One of the coolest effects a videographer or photographer can create. Whether shooting time-lapse stills of a cloudscape or stars on a clear night, or maybe a video time-lapse of people racing through Times Square at night, there are few effects that can match the feeling conveyed through a thoughtful time-lapse.

Adobe Creative Cloud Update 2014 Review

Screen grabs from Premiere Pro Creative Cloud
The Adobe Creative Cloud video applications received some significant new features, as well as workflow improvements that are beneficial to users of all skill levels. The upgrades trend toward increased efficiencies, especially for the video editor who wears multiple hats.

The Art of Capturing Light and Casting Shadows

Photo of a studio light with barndoors
Just because something is well lit doesn't mean that it's properly lit. Being able to distinguish between the two is the difference between a clinical product demonstration and art. It may seem unintuitive, but bad lighting through good lighting is a very common, amateur mistake in making video.

Organizing the Timeline

Screen grab of a messy timeline
Video editing is messy. At times it feels like there is an insurmountable number of items to keep track of, inside and outside of the video editing timeline. A video editor can feel overwhelmed under a mountain of video clips, music tracks, sound effects, various compositions, graphics and multiple deliverables. It’s a different story if the video editor establishes some standard working practices to keep organized and on top of everything that enters their timeline.

How to Use a Mixing Board

Photo of Samson mixing board
Learn the basic workings of a mixer board, how to set up mics and other inputs and record into a camera or audio device.

The Anatomy of a Lens

Photo of a Canon zoom lens
With so many lenses out there, it can be hard to find the right one for the work you're doing. Many people describe the look that a lens produces, but what produces that look?

Five Ways to Fix Messy Audio

Screen grab of Adobe Audition with messy interface.
Taking time to clean up awful audio can make or break your productions. If you find yourself confronted with unsatisfactory sound quality when you sit down to edit, here are six strategies that can help you make the most of a bad sound situation.

An Introduction to Basic Concepts of Prosthetic Makeup

Montage of a person having prosthetic makeup applied to mimic a knife slash.
We’ve all seen the extravagant monsters in the movies. The techniques used to create these iconic images seem like an art form beyond the reach of most who dabble in entertainment. The truth however, is that a basic understanding of materials and concepts is all that’s needed to get started in making your own imagined creatures come to life.