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Licensing Music

Mark Levy is an intellectual property attorney who has won awards for productions in amateur domestic and foreign movie festivals.
Readers will learn how to decide whether a sound license is required and if so, whom to contact and how. A sample license request letter is provided as a sidebar. Also covered are the differences among synchronization, master use, broadcast and Internet licenses.

HitFilm 3 Pro Review

Screen grab of HitFilm 3 Pro
HitFilm 3 Pro is the latest iteration of the combination editing & effects software from England-based tech company FXHOME. Emerging in 2011, HitFilm has seen swift upgrades with each release and now appears in its newest incarnation as a solid competitor of other film editing giants such as Adobe’s Premier Pro and Apple’s Final Cut.

Introduction to Professional Editing Software

Computer monitor with Lightworks on the screen.
Looking at upgrading from consumer editing software to something more professional? This article will offer some insight in what to consider when choosing a professional editing application.

Color Theory For Video

Colorful image of chalk and color bars.
By learning about color theory, you can increase your creative tool set. From shooting a commercial to a wedding to a feature film, you can use color theory to set the tone and mood for the viewer using color manipulation in pre-production, shooting and post.

15 Filters And Effects That Should Be In Your Favorites

Image of Effects folder with Favorites highlighted.
The video editor does more than assemble footage, selectively pacing various clips to tell a story. The video editor is responsible for how the finished video looks. Sometimes that includes fixing footage and other times, it means crafting a cohesive visual style. A video editor doesn’t have to stray far from home to do this, they can accomplish it with the assortment of filters and effects found in their video editing programs.

iZotope RX4 Review

Screen grab of iZotope RX 4 Advanced Audio Repair Software
iZotope RX4 is an Audio Repair software that allows the user to visually see problems in audio, and remove them transparently. It will remove clips to buzzes and even removes reverb.

How to Shoot Dialogue Scenes

Extreme low angle shot from Citizen Kane.
Dialogue is an important aspect of any narrative film project and is an excellent tool to move the plot forward. More than getting information across to audiences, how you film a dialogue scene can have a dramatic impact on the tone of the scene, how characters are perceived and what audiences feel.

Hewlett-Packard Z840 Review

Photo of Hewlett-Packard Z840 Workstation
The video production workstation to beat, the HP Z840 offers top-tier performance for the video professional.