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Shoot a Movie for Under $1,800

Photo of a collection of budget friendly video production products with price written on masking tape next to them.
To make a movie you need a truck load of expensive equipment, right? That may have been the scenario 10 years ago, but these days you can work with a lot less for the same results at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how.

Finding Distributors for Your Low-Budget Horror Film

Close up of Bloodwood Cannibals DVD cover
Whether you make a deal with a traditional distributor or self-distribute, there are many ways to get your low-budget horror films to your audience. The key to success is creating a marketable film and a well-researched distribution strategy.

Emotional Justification of Shot Choices

Cameraman and DSLR with matte box
Every shot in your video should help convey the overall emotion of your project. Camera placement and movement can add greatly to the emotional impact of your work. Be sure to consider the reason behind every shot.

Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Review

 Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Personal NAS
My Cloud EX2 is an easy to configure, affordable solution to the data backup chore. Its intuitive user interface makes managing complex tasks a snap. Personal cloud storage gives this device the power to be the only drive you own.

Pro HD Wireless Transmitter System Review

Camera Motion Research Radian Pro HD Wireless Transmitter System
On location, there are many dangers. With the Radian Pro wireless HD transmitter system, tripping over monitoring cables is a thing of the past. Setting up this wireless system is a breeze.

Telling the Story of Sriracha

Sriracha bottles in the factory
To uncover the origin story of his favorite hot sauce, Griffin Hammond spent a year traveling, filming and editing his documentary Sriracha. From gaining access to the factory, to raising his budget on Kickstarter and releasing the film on Vimeo, this is the story behind the storytelling.

Tune Software for Peak Performance

Premiere Creative Cloud User Interface on an HP Monitor
Running complex video editing software can tax your computer resources, and force a video editor's digital traffic to slide over to the slow lane of the highway. Every video editor should dig into their software settings, so they can fly in the fast lane and get to their destination on time.